Eventually leaving Oasis, after mending a few holes.

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I'm leaving this site, possibly forever. I've really screwed up. I'm deleting all my journals and I'm going to leave.

I'm going to stay in touch with anyone who sends me their Email, but I need anyone who wants to stay in touch with me to PM me their email because I deleted most of my PMs.

I'm going to miss a lot of you, and those of you who I won't that's just because I don't know you.

I'm leaving because no matter what I do, I always manage to screw something up, and I don't want to screw up this site, which i so great right now.

However, if anyone wants to convince me not to go I'm perfectly willing to listen, seeing how I REALLY don't want to go.

But I feel like I have to...


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because you got angry and threw a tantrum isnt a good reason to leave. youll hurt more people by leaving then staying. you just need some ferret love in your day. please don't leave.


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As a life lesson, I think you should stay, since when you do things in the future that have repercussions, you don't get to delete an account, you have to clean up your messes, mend your relationships, apologize, and follow through to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The goal isn't to create a mess and leave it. You don't learn anything that way, except that you can walk away from things that get difficult. Which is a bad lesson.

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yeh don't pussy out now...lover!

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Well, like I said, I really

Well, like I said, I really only wanted a good reason to stay... But, I have deleted most of my hissy fit posts.

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