Faster, damn you, faster!

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No, this isn't about sex. I wish it were, but that's just my Beta Male suckiness. (Read Christopher Moore's A Dity Job for an explanation- and a good laugh, that book's fuckin' HILARIOUS)

Anywho, I was in class today/yesterday (Friday) and Dylan and I, we had a bit of a "Moment" (or at least, I hope so). I can't really explain it, but we just sorta connected. I REALLY hope It's not just my imagination. But really, he just makes me all giddy inside! I wanna just kiss him, but that would be BAD, especially if he doesn't like me the way I think he does...

On another note, I've been really happy lately (No bizarre mood swings! YAY!) and I just wanna give you all one big fuckin' cyberhug.



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hunting. hopfuly, pretty soon, that heading will be about sex, and not slow computer crap. i like your new picture by the way. hope you make a break thought soon.=)