Feel Like Victoria Matlock's Flying Machine

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First off, if you understand anything in the title, I'm impressed and possibly in love.

For everyone else, the title is a simple reference to my favorite show, Wicked. In Wicked, which you should look up if you do not know about it, there is a grand part at the end of Act I where Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, flies. Victoria Matlock is a former standby for Elphaba and she played Elphaba in 2007 on the national tour of the show. Now, you have a little background.

The point to all of this, is that I feel like the machine that made her fly night after night. The machine gets used to the same thing happening, night after night. She steps on the platform, she flings her cape over the back, the machine buckles, she says her lines, sings her first note, and the machine carries her above the audience. The same thing night after night.

Well, one night, the machine decides not to work. The machine just gets used to doing that same thing night after night. Then, it just stops. She sings the first note and something just does not work. The machine does not fly. Kind of sad considering the song makes numerous references to flying.

Well, that's what's happening to me. I go through the same thing night after night with Him. Then, one night, I slip. I get the same feeling that everything is going right. Then, the lift just does not go. I start to feel some weird emotion, that I would like to think is nothing, but it's not. Anyway, the lift stays on the ground. The only problem is, He doesn't notice the lift doesn't go up.

And, I just don't have the heart to tell Him.


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I haven't seen it but i've read the book and listened to the soundtrack and looked tons of stuff up on youtube and such!!! Love. End of story. Personally, i like Idina Menzel as Elphie better, I like her voice, and she is to die for gorgeous. I have her CD, too. Anyway.
I can relate to you on the not noticing thing. Except only not. Ish. Relatively. Whatever. Rambling. Cheese. Bucket. Paper towel. Dog barf. Ew. Random. Next!
It's probably not anything related, but there's this girl i'm starting to go crazy about, like when i think about her my gum falls out of my mouth and i trip over my shoelaces which are in fact inside my shoe at the time. Anyway. So the other day i wore eyeliner and mascara and eyeshadow, which is kind of a big thing cause i really don't wear makeup like ever, and she didn't notice.
So it's not like a crashing issue or anything, but i kind of get what you're going through.

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Victoria Matlock and

Victoria Matlock and Christina DeCicco for the win.
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