For Pat

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i'm pissed at pat. not pissed, really, just...dude, you can't leave! we want you to be here. me especially. you're something solid to lean on, you've got a lot of good stuff to say, and you're cool!

i totally get if you need to take a step back...i need that too, sometimes. and i definitely get feeling like you're always giving, and never 'getting', and how totally exhausting that can be (my therepist yells at me all the time for doing it).

take time, if you need it, but don't beat yourself up. please. we all want you to come back. we love and respect you...we need an adult who cares. a GAY adult.

this isn't a case of it's better that 10 guilty men go free than 1 innocent being locked up. you can't help everyone. it fucking sucks, but it's the truth. you can't reach all of us, you can't be here for us all the time. but if you can help just ONE kid...isn't that worth not helping ten others? and i know for a fact that you've helped people here. i watched you help tim, and i've talked with others about how awesome you are, and how much we love you.