Gimme a Reason

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What are some good reasons to stick around (i dont mean oasis), i mean, in
sorry to be so depressing, i just need to be convinced to stop thinking of shit....otherwise known as death


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well the fact that it would

well the fact that it would be really selfish and hurt a lot of people.
even if you think no one would care or miss you, i bet there is a whole lot of ppl it would hurt.
sometimes you cant just think about your self, you have to think about those closest to you.
and plus im sure anything you are going through right now wont even matter in a yr or so and it wouldnt have been worth it.

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the natural high you get from softball, the smell of freshly cut grass (you know you luv it) (get ur mind outta the gutter, adam)

the fact that thhe world is not all shitty al the time, tho sometimes that can be hard to see.

you seem like a really cool. person.

you dont really want to die, ur just feeling depressed.

you STIL NEED TO LEARN TO RIDE A BIKE!!! if you're not living every day and not challenging or scaring yoruself at least once, you're not really living!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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what reason more do you need!

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i you die..........

then you wont live to see another, better day


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I would just point out that there is the Trevor Project, which runs a 24/7 suicide and support phoneline for LGBTQ youth.

Details here:

I do think it is rather impossible for people to give you the reason to live, though, since I can write a thousand reasons without hitting one that will resonate with you.

I'd said before that you seem to like thinking too much, and it isn't serving you well. Watch a movie, read a book, hang out with a friend, call the hotline.

I think the stuff you put your attention on in life become bigger. If you try to send people love, more love comes into your life. If you send out negativity and pain, you get even more of that back.

For example, your inquiry here: "Why shouldn't I die?" presumes that suicide is a viable, acceptable option. But all of the responses will be framed around death, so every response about living will include death with its reply.

Whereas, if you say, "What are the top ten things you love about your life," you potentially get the same responses without the negativity, probably MORE responses because people are naturally turned off about hitting reply to someone suicidal, and you get to learn how other people frame their lives around their joy instead of their sadness. AND everyone who replies feels better because they just thought of their favorite things in life, which is always pleasant.

You don't change by reducing your sadness, but amplifiying your joy. You can't do that by focusing on the sadness. It doesn't work that way.

Write a list. What makes you happy? When are you happiest? What would be the most perfect day you can imagine? Write those down, and then orchestrate your life to move toward those things.

But don't think of it as moving away from your sadness, only toward your joy. When you give sadness attention, it wants more, and usually gets it.

It is why I never went to an anti-war rally in San Francisco. I don't want negativity to be part of the message. One group did finally have a march for peace, which I would have attended, but I had a conflict that day. Now, both events would seem to have the same message, the same people involved, but I do think these things matter.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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please tell your parents you

please tell your parents you are thinking about this so that they can get you to a therapist.

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Seriously. That's my reason for you. The world needs more hugs, and they will make you feel better too, oftentimes.

I'm sending some mental ones your way. :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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gimme a reason

I wholeheartily agree with Jeff. You're moving too fast with issues in your life.

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if you kill yourself,i will run into your funeral, make angry noises, then proceed to beet everyone up with a basballbat, then shot the umbulancase that come with a flame thrower, and ultimatley the fbi has to snipe me out, but not before i torched over thirty people, so if yoou doe so deos every one else, exept the damned fbi sniper, well acaully on his way home, he gets hit by a ice cream truck, so the bicth does die.
i wrote this to make you laught, dont take offence.


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thanks for trying to make it

thanks for trying to make it laugh, i didnt find it ofensive.

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trying?? like he didn't succeed? LOL BURN FERRETS BURN!!!!
love you both....twits.

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Think of all the books that

Think of all the books that would be published right after you die... you'd be missing out. Plus, you want to live to see gay marriage legalized in as many places as possible, right?