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I am a fourteen year old, female, music loving teenager. With one difference. I am bisexual.
Only recently [recently as in, like, 5 days ago!] did I tell anyone that. My friend, and my BEST friend.
Oh, the most important detail. I am crazily in love with my best friend. Maybe not crazily, that was the wrong word. Just...she is so perfect. We do everything together. I only met her just over a year ago. But still.
I told her, via IM, and she said she thought she might be too. I didn't tell her that I like her, just that I was bi. Now she practically knows my life story.
My gayday has been turned off recently. Maybe just permanently.
I really need help. I keep getting these signals, but I don't know what to do.


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well confusionis our specialty around here, you can talk to us about any thing, just ignore i hope you stick around.

hugs from ferrets

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hmmm...i'd say, wait til you

hmmm...i'd say, wait til you can talk to her face to face, and kinda ease into it. start talking about being bi...ask if she has any crushes...who they are...that sort of thing.

face to face is always better when confessing feelings, even though sometimes it can be more painful. it's waaaay less confusing.

drop some hints. let your hand linger the next time you touch the whole, soulfull meeting of the eyes. lol sorry, i read too much radclyffe (lesbian romance writer).

it's hella hard...i remember. and it's possible that you're totally misreading the signs, but, two things.

1) you won't know til you ask, and it'll eat at you until you do


2) 98% of the time, if you're reading signs, it's cause they're being sent. (i'm one of the lucky people who got the 2% of nonexistent signs, so if that happens (and i really hope it doesn't), and you want someone to talk to, you're welcome to PM me...or for anything, really, lol).

good luck! and welcome to oasis (you are new, right? lol)!

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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i agree with bulldyke,

i agree with bulldyke, talking to her in person will be a bagillion times better, because you'll be able to see her natural reaction.

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Guess who?

Iloveyoutoo (: