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So it's been awhile. I've still been reading almost every day and everything, but it's been a little too crazy to write anything.

Moved back to the States at the beginning of the year, and have settled into being in Cali again- North Central. I'm loving it here, despite the fact that I don't really know anyone...most of my friends stayed in Korea for a second year, or are spread out across the US. I love having a place of my own, and not living in a dorm for the first time in three years.
I got a dog yesterday...she's so cute. Terrier mix, full grown at about 30lbs.

When I came back to the states my girl came out to visit, and we decided to just be friends. She's going to Japan for two years, (just got there, actually) and we didn't think our relationship could handle that many more years of long distance...Korea worked, but it was really stressful trying to keep the relationship going. As much of a cliche 'just being friends' is, it's been remarkable easy to shift back into those roles. That in itself probably means something.
As good things between us are, I haven't been single in two years...and that's weird to get used to. It's like this giant game that I don't feel prepared to play again. Yuck.

And speaking of games to play, I'm going to be working nights starting Wednesday, and really have to find a way to be able to sleep through the day, when my bedroom is pretty bright, even when the blinds are closed.

Anyway, work is good here so far, and I've been going to a 20 Somethings discussion/activity group at the Sac LGBT center, which has been cool.
Good times!


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You live in Cali! I'm so

You live in Cali! I'm so jealous!!
Good luck with the whole switching your sleep schedule around that'd take some time getting used to for me