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i'm chatting with SML on facebook...i'm talking about how california will always be my home.

i love this state. for all it's flaws, for all the injustice...this is HOME.

i know i haven't traveled much...i've only been to a few other states, but i've been all over CA. mostly northern, but some of so cal, too.

i can identify damn near every bird that lives in the state, can ID most mammals by their scat and their tracks. i know all the trees, all the weather patterns. i know pretty much all of the crops that are grown here, by sight.

lol i know waaaaay too much trivia about my great state. like, does anyone know (without the use of a search engine or guide book), what the state rock is? state bird? mammel? fish? fossil? what year gold was discovered? what our state motto is?

i practicly grew up in the state capitol, when my dad was working for the state legislature.

though none of that is really relevent. i just...i love california. from the mountains to the sea, and everything in between.

this is HOME. i love this land more than i can ever say, ever describe with pathetic proof of my devotion. every time i've been out of the state, no matter how beautiful the place was that i was going to, i've felt so totally out of joint...like everything was slightly off kilter. even just driving up to oregon for a few days...it was so weird, all three times i've been.

anyway...i love california. and yes, all that trivia stuff i mentioned, i know. :P