Hot Cyber With JMY

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haha, i'm hiding! and JMY is distracting me!

:P perhaps, in a few days, there will be new rubber ducklings to name...


guh, i left my wine downstairs. but if i go, then i'll get roped into conversation, and i'm SO pissed at my mom right now.

but i don't want to talk about it.

there's two people in the 'real world' who post on here who i know...and the first, who introduced me to the site, she gets it.

whatever. i can't talka bout what i want to talk about, cause it's about the second, and i don't want to be mean, or rude. cause i have nothing against her. guh. i'm making NO sense.



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ur mom gives u wine???

damn! wish mine were as nice! lol.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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haha, yeah, if they're

haha, yeah, if they're drinking, then i get some. i would get beer when they have it, but since i don't much like

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yay for wine okay'ed by

yay for wine okay'ed by parents..:P
I can see why you don't like beer..
beer has made my mom's stomach stick out a little. lol. and my brother (Navy man) was working on a pretty big keg of a was alarming!
beer's excess anyways. but some isn't too bad.
me, I stay away from alcohol the best I can because it makes me break out :S

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my dad used to buy me rum and port for when i go to parties :P
and today i'm all grown up and alcoholic! and for the record i drink beer by the truckloads and ive got no keg, you work all that off with sex...and no other food

and bd if you have another duck it adam junior...and by the way, if any of you and jmy's little duck children end up heterosexual i'm soooooo ex-communicating them