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Hi Guys!

For anyone who says "aw, those mass email campaigns don't do any good", here is proof that they do:

Dear Pat Nelson,
If you have any doubts about the power of our collective voice, have I got a story for you.

Two days ago, after local activists sounded the alarm, HRC sent out a national email alert warning that a Michigan TV station was planning to air an hour-long paid propaganda piece about the "radical homosexual agenda," created by a right-wing group.

Within one hour of our email - which many of you forwarded on to friends and family - the station announced they were pulling the program. You did it!

Will you take a moment to thank the station for rescinding their offer to air the program?

I am so proud of the local activists who started it all, and of our members who answered the call, asking the station to replace the program with a constructive debate on LGBT issues and legislation. The station deserves our thanks for making this balanced decision.

But make no mistake - this was not a one-shot deal. The anti-LGBT American Family Association created this program as a "one-hour national special."

They've clearly spared no expense in producing it, and they're not going to stop their national campaign just because one station decided not to air it. (I ask you to remain vigilant and send us an email if you see "Speechless" Silencing Christians" anywhere in your local TV listings.)

And it's a sign of things to come. We'll surely see more attacks like this, as we make progress on hate crimes legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and same-sex marriage. So stay tuned - I may call on you again if we find out that stations in others cities are planning to run this hour of lies.

For now, please thank WOOD-TV in Michigan for its balanced decision.

We are poised to make real change, to deliver real protections to millions of LGBT people. We know it - and so do our opponents. I hope you'll be ready to fight back when these tired lies arrive in new packaging.

Joe Solmonese

So...wanna do some good right from your own computer or mobile phone (or library or school computer)? Join the Human Rights Campaign's Action Network. You don't have to be a paid member. I wasn't able to afford to rejoin in '09, but I still belong to the Action Network and participate whenever they sound the alarm. The daily email called "Equally Speaking" is also a great little news broadcast - short, but informative, and done by a different young guy and gal each day (in case you needed further motivation to watch. ;P). For those of you who aren't link-phobic (Adam), here's today's:

I don't often promote particular groups or associations, prefering to leave you all do your advocacy in your own way, but HRC is one that I will gladly endorse. The fact that they almost always give you pre-addressed, pre-written emails to either send out as is or edit as you choose first makes it really easy for people like me, who are not good at that sort of writing (and frankly, just don't often have time to do it), to still make a real, tangible difference. I urge you to at least check them out and follow their work, as it is always important and timely.

The homepage of the Human Right Campaign is



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Removed your italics, since you italicized the website. That's a problem showing abstracts on the front page now, it you start the italics tag before the abstract, but close it in a part that's not on the page... you italicize everything that comes after your post, hehe.

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oops. Thanks. I'll remember

oops. Thanks. I'll remember that.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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yeh pat you knob!!!

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that is the exact type of show my perants would whach. this is the kind of reason im scared to come out to them.