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am surronded by anti gays at my school. so i was outside with three of my friends and they started telling gay jokes. my best friend noticed i wasnt jioning andshe asked why. so i said it wasnt fair to make fun of people just cause there differnt. so we started argueing. and then she said,'why do you care so much, are you gay?' i wanted to shout ' yes im fucking gay, have a bf, and want to kiss guys' but i lied i said' no but would it matter if i were?' and she said' yes i dont think i could be your friend anymore if you were' and stormed of. iprobley just shot my self in the foot, but i couldnt just jion in insulting my self. so i had a fun day at school.



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wow. that sounds horrific.

wow. that sounds horrific. *Hugs*

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Awww....I'm sorry about your

Awww....I'm sorry about your sucky day at school :( High school can be rough....Lucky for me I went through it completely oblivious (to my sexual orientation) :/ And I'm sorry about your homophobic friend. Hopefully she'll turn around if/when you come out to her :)

P.S. I'm proud of you though that you didn't give into the peer pressure and make gay jokes. That's awesome that you stood up to them :)

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, some punished. Never was a story of more regret than this of Juliet and her fair Juliet.

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i was planing..............

on coming out to her today, but now im scared to


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If it helps...the ones who care dont matter and the ones who matter dont care. You want true friends who love you for who you are. There will ALWAYS be ignant people. You eventually get used to it. *hugs*

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*hugs* you did the right

*hugs* you did the right thing standing up

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know,, but stupid puberty, making me come out to myself when im 13, im mad at puberty now.


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I was mad at puberty

I was mad at puberty too!!
dumb sexual hormones at 13. I think it's best to know earlier though.

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*stabs puberty with a kebab

*stabs puberty with a kebab skewer*

(\/) I can haz cookie?

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for stabing puberty. im all inocent at 12. and now alittle more then a year later, i want to fuck bunches of guys in the ass, and have a boyfriend, and you can have a cokie, but only if you can do a back flip.>=)


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knowing when you are younger doesn't help much. i have known scince i was six(that is 10 years, as of july 11) and all the tv said was to be gay ment you were sick, so i though i was sick. i tried for 14 years to be streight, didn't work out to well. they are right tho, the ones who care are assholes who don't matter, but the ones who could care less that you are gay matter and you need to keep them close.

as it is my friends are NEVER allowed to make gay jokes without my permission, lest i kick the friggin ASSES!!!!

be strong, we are here for you.

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Yeah puberty does suck. Well

Yeah puberty does suck. Well I know it did for me anyway. All I can say is that most people get over it. Like when I first came out (just after I turned 14) I took a lot of shit at school, but I think it would have been worse if I'd done it earlier. For some reason (in my experience anyway) lots of 13-14 year olds just seem to think homophobia is cool. But fortunately, like puberty, many of them do get over it, at least most of them did for me. Good luck *hugs*

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i don't suggest comming out in highschool...personally....if u'r highschool is anything like mine was...and u'r only 13 my sweet you needn't bother just yet. plus if u'r friend is 13 too...what the fuck does she know about gays yet? she probably only recently discovered her vajin.
it was waaay mean what she said...but you know what...im very glad you defended u'r pride against her....coz in highschool i was actually one of the biggest gay jokers (to throw off heat).....and it damages you a lot more than standing up for yourself. i think u'r a brave young ferret!
love you!