I built this city with rock and roll.

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I'm waiting to find out if I got the part I want in Spring Awakening, it's really nerve wracking. Oh I just remembered what I really wanted to talk about lol

Last night I went to a crap party. I wasn't drinking, there was a lot of christians there. I went out of my way to make them feel uncomfortable, and gave them a lot of attitude. Christian boys are sexy though, maybe it's a special deal with Jesus or something. I was like, "craaaap." Cos I could look but not touch. I hate that. So instead I was passive agressive and overly sexual with my friend Kit. She was on the same mission from Satan that I was on, to freak out the Christ Kissers. I also fell onto a side table whilst dancing, and broke a bottle. THEN it was a party. And I wasn't drinking, remember. It was a good night in the fact we had fun dancing and isolating the Christians, but then again, they didn't need our help with that.

Oh and this morning I was listening to Salt n Pepa in the car...."Shoop" is my all time favourite song. Like, ever.

Here I go, here I go, here I go again, girls what's my weakness? MEN! Okay then, chillin' chillin' minding my business....

ANYWAY as I was saying, I was listening to it this morning. When I got home from work I had a shower, and with the combo of dancing all night like Missy Elliot and Salt n Pepa, I started krumping in the shower. And I hurt myself. I won't go into detail, but I will say this - that form of dance requires underwear.
I am literally tore up from the floor up.


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Ah, krumping, the daredevil

Ah, krumping, the daredevil style of dance.

I am so white, I cannot krump to save my life. One of my besties (who is the classic great dancer, great-singer black girl) tried to teach me, and nearly died with laughter.
I fell on my ass so many times.