i guess im the "bitch" now. xDDD

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schools going alot better for me than it was in the first few months.
which is always nice. =]]
some of you may remember my blog from months ago about me wanting a mohawk. well... i finaly did it.
its a pretty blueish green color.
my sister says i look like a beta. =D
and i look wayyy dyke now. xDD
when its not up it has a tegan and sara feel to it. xDDD
it makes me happy.
my gf does not like it much though.
she thinks its to long (like when its up its to tall)
its about 8 inches or so.

yeaa im not sure about what i want to say.
oh apparently im a "sleep caller"
i called my gf at 4:00 am while i was asleep and i woke up to her saying why did you call me!?
and i was like i did not call you you called me.
it was great.
she said i was talking about pandcakes b4 she woke me up.


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wow, your hair sounds epic.

wow, your hair sounds epic.