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...a really fun, yet humbling day today! finally got the big bike working again, and headed north to canada to ride some non-existant trails w/ my team! we got up to the trail head a little bit late,. and my team mate didn't want to take his truck to the top, so we hiked! it was brutal pushign a 50 lb dh bike up a steep, loose slope, all for the sake of a little filming and practice. after shooting some riding of fast, rolling corners, riding down the waterfalls and some rocky, rooty sections of these trails, we came to a sick spot.

it was steep, loose, off-camber (slanted sideways, jutting rocks type thing) and had moss growing all over it.

i rode down it cautiously (wrong thing to do on a mtb), and made it fine the first few attempts. fourth time, i came @ it wayyyyy too slow, and slid sideways about 20 feet downa rockwall. it was awesome! god damn, im outta shape! haha.

then we finally got one run in w/ the truck hauling us to the top. the trails had some snow, and our driver was not being the most cautious. redneck fun in a 2wd pickup is always good, except when you're riding in the bed, w/ inches of snow on the ground, w/ a 500 foot cliff on one side doing 45 mph down the fire roads~!!! lol

we got to the top as it was gettin dark, enough time for one fast, steep run down the race course.

it was awesome! we could only see maybe 10-20 feet in front of us, no lights, and the trees were making it impossible to see what was ahead. total muscle memory of the trail, whihc i hadn't even ridden in a year.

it was close, but we got out alright. its amazing what can happen when you just say 'fuck it', and go for it. even when you cant see. lol.

all in all, it was a good weekend. vday sucked though. haha


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jeez. thank goodness you're

jeez. thank goodness you're alive! lol, but that sounds sooo outrageously fun! I'm glad you had a good time!

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I was white knuckle, crouching down in the bed against the bedrails the entire time! my team manager is a horribel driver, to say the least. haha. it was awesome!

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To be fair...

That's how you are whenever you have sex with someone, too.

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oh my, that sounds too

oh my, that sounds too intense, fun, but dangerous..just what I need! So do you have huge bruises everywhere from sliding?