I have a horrible, horrible feeling that people are angry at me.

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I hope it's simply paranoia, but I feel like everyone is mad at me for some reason. I don't like this feelig, it makes me want to dig a hole and crawl in, to escape the glaring. But nobody is glaring, because we're online. I don't know why people are mad at me, I thought people had gotten over the hissy fit, did I do something else?


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no glaring, no anger...not

no glaring, no anger...not from me! i'm just sick, so if i don't seem as...attentive as i usually do, that's why.

just bring me some oreos and icecream, and i'll be fine (yes, R did that once... :D see, i'm not a TOTAL love nazi!!! there are good moments!)

sorry...tangent. you're right, it is just paranoia. you want/need people to like you, and you're desperately afraid they don't. i TOTALLY get that...i suffer from it all the time.

*HUG**HUG**HUG**HUG* love ya, tim!!!

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perhaps it's just your conscious

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Damnit Tim what'd you do

Damnit Tim what'd you do this time

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I dunno, that's why I'm so

I dunno, that's why I'm so worried.

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