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Last night I slept beside a STRAIGHT boy wearing nothing but striped red underwear. After hanging out in town with some mates it was too late for me to catch a bus home so I stayed over at his. He was so secure of his sexuality and since the night was so hot (Yes, it's Summer in New Zealand - and no pun intended) he was sleeping shirtless and without anything on but his underwear RIGHT BESIDE ME. And he kept asking me how I could possibly sleep with my clothes and jeans on (he even asked again in the morning - I even joked saying 'Man, you really want me to take my pants off don't you'). But yeah, I did take my shirt off in the middle of the night because it was so hot and sweaty... HAH HIS BED NOW REAKS OF MY SMELL! Well, I didn't take my shirt/jeans off before because I actually felt awkward doing so... (HOW IRONIC I KNOW, the straight boy is more keen to undress than I am?)

When we woke up in the morning we just lay there talking for ages with almost nothing on (OMG - I used to do with with my ex boyfriend?! It was so deja vu). Well I woke up shirtless so I told him yeah I woke up during the night cause like you said it was too hot. And he was like I should've woken him up... LOL WHY? WHAT A LOST CHILD. "Oh yes wake up please, it's too hot so please watch me remove my shirt before you go back to bed".

Bleh. Then he asked me if I wanted a shower. I got sick of all the sexual tension only I was feeling so I said yeah and whacked off in his shower. My clothes smelt real bad from all the sweating so he lent me some of his. Yup, I'm wearing it now.

AND YES HE'S STRAIGHT OKAY, JUST LIKE THAT CHRISTIAN BOY. It's just my luck to come across straight boys nice and secure and flirtatious to torture me. I bet they know it.


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blue balls much?
and next time take u'r clothes off too....play the game damnit, don't be so uptight!

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eeep sexual tension is not

eeep sexual tension is not fun

It is thyself, mine own self's better part;
Mine eye's clear eye, my dear heart's dearer heart;
My food, my fortune, and my sweet hope's aim,
My sole earth's heaven, and my heaven's claim.
-William Shakespeare, The Comedy Of Errors

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sexual tension so is fun...except when it's one sided :S
and this is the problem with STRAIGHTIES!

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haha omggg that sucks man :(

haha omggg that sucks man :( but isn't it wierd how you like..enjoy it..but hate it at the same time. because there you are, with the person and you're happy...but like..."omg waht do i dooooo???!!!" haha
i know exactly what that's like. numerous occasions.... :P

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LOL. You shoulda prodded.

LOL. You shoulda prodded. HAHAHAHAHA. What if he like........was one of those Brokeback things. He's only gay for you. XD Thats funny as hell.

"Reality is merely an illusion, allbeit a persistent one"

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ahhh that sucks, but it

ahhh that sucks, but it sounds sort of fun at the same time :) sounds like my straight friend who crawls into my bed when she sleeps over and gets too close for comfort. sometimes I feeling like saying "I'm a lesbian remember?" haha how do you know he's straight though?

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You whacked off in his

You whacked off in his shower? I swear to God, if anybody tries to masturbate in my shower, I'll cut their dick/pussy off.

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How do you cut a pussy off?

How do you cut a pussy off? A spoon?

"Reality is merely an illusion, allbeit a persistent one"

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Thanks guys for the

Thanks guys for the comments! And, I'm keeping his shirt.

I'm pretty sure he's straight. I'm just cynical about these things, I'm so over all the false hopes and wishful thinking. Maybe I'm not cynical, I'm just being realistic.

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LOL...I'd keep the shirt. I

LOL...I'd keep the shirt. I never asked! IS HE HAWT?

"Reality is merely an illusion, allbeit a persistent one"

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No, he's big boned and has

No, he's big boned and has excessive body odour. But that kind of stuff just really gets me going.

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Okay, seriously?

Believe the above...

Or picture a tall, very cute boy who's well presented and does singing, theatre and badminton with me.

It's one or the other... take a stab.

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i'll take the middle path on this one and say he's a tall, very cute boy with excessive body odour...tada!

but don't worry about the body odour, that's just unreleased sex hormones he needs you to help him release ;) eh? eh?!
good luck with this one kiwi....i fear you've done yourself in a bit but eh...that's how we learn right?

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Master, teach me how to make

Master, teach me how to make a move on a straight boy? I didn't quite catch it last time.

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omg, that is too funny! from

omg, that is too funny! from what you said he reeks of fairy(or overly kinke srteight) and you denied him, . . . i would have too untill he was asleep. . . the rest is up to your imagination.(and not the perv part[ADAM!!!!!!!])

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