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i don't have long...i want to get back to my site before dark...and concidering the cloud cover, that won't be long. lol

so, drove down to the campground yesterday. THAT was an adventure! lol a couple times, it was raining so hard that even with my wipers on full, i couldn't see...this is on a 10 lane freeway, doing 70...lol). it hailed for a while, and even snowed for a bit. never done that before....it was fun.

so, got to my site, got all checked in, got my permits and stuff, pitched my tent...just before it started hailing again.

actually, i got my dining fly mostly up before it started hailing...only it totally fails. there's no trees near the table, so...i just have a random kitchenette in the middle of my campsite! lol but it's cozy and really awesome! i've got the campbox (it's an old Navy footlocker, from when my dad was in the Navy), and a crate and my camp chair, and it's great!

last night was FREEZING...and it didn't help that my tent leaks. not badly, but just enough to be worrysome. so i watched a ton of SVU on my iPod, and tried not to freeze.

i had my sleeping bag (which is rated for 32 F), plus a thick wool blanket, a heavy wool coat, and a thick fleece coat. once i was in for a while, it heated up, so that's good. but then i had to pee! gah! lol

so right now, i'm sitting in a coffee shop in the nearest town (the trails were too muddy to hike, and i didn't feel like doing my backpacking trip anyway...there's another storm coming in tonight, and that just doesn't sound like fun), so i went for a drive, and wound up here.

so yeah! lol i've got to go...need to write an e-mail...actually two, then head out!

happy singles' awareness day. :P



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"but then i had to pee" lol that sucks.

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whoa, I didn't even know 10

whoa, I didn't even know 10 lane freeways existed O.O
aww, the campsite sounds like home. have fun :)

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5 lanes on each side...not

5 lanes on each side...not 10. lol

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lol okay. :) yeah, I've been

lol okay. :) yeah, I've been on one. Now I don't feel so . . .like I've grown up in a cave. :P

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peeing in the cold sucks!

peeing in the cold sucks! all that's warm is the bladder and even that doesn't last long! =0

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I don't really know what to

I don't really know what to say...

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Sounds like.....fun??? Lol,

Sounds like.....fun??? Lol, but seriously I hope you're having some fun whilst freezing your bum off. Hey, at least you have Olivia to keep you company :P

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Lehcure, you are from

Lehcure, you are from Missouri, it's kind of like a cave. I would know. I'm kind of your neighbor. "Hi neighbor!" lol.

Anyway, I'm glad you're having fun and staying warm. I wish I could go camping. But I'm too much of a chickenshit. It's not nearly as nasty outside as where you are, but I couldn't brave it. My kind of camping consists of helping pitch the tent, and staying out of the sun because I camp in the warm summer. xD