I'm a bitch

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and i'm in a bitchy mood.

i just got my fucking eyes dialated and it fucking sucks. first off, every fucking person HAS to say that i look like FUCKING puss in boots! no, you fuckers, i don't. fuck off.

and way, way worse, I CAN'T FUCKING SEE!!!!!!!! big stuff, yeah, but EVERY fucking thing is really out of focus.

and the FUCKING kid next door just started banging on his fucking drums. i'm SO close to just banging on his fucking door and telling him that if he doesn't stop, i'm going to shove his fucking drum set up his ass.

apparently, my fucking eyes are getting worse again, which really pissed me off.

when i was 7, they told me i was far sighted. so, of course, i get fucking teased for 'suddenly' having glasses (cause, apparently, if you need then, you're supposed to be fucking born with them). i wore the stupid fuckers til i was 13, when they told me "oh, wait, you're not fucking far sighted anymore!"

well, fuck you, fuckers. i loved not wearing glasses. it rocked. but THEN, when i started my sophmore year, i realised, 'hey, i'm sitting in the back of the fucking classroom, and i can't fucking read the board!'

so now i'm nearsighted. and it's getting fucking worse, so i need new lenses in my stupid fucking glasses, which means that i probably won't be able to get the fucking sunglasses that, hey, i kinda fucking NEED!

my stupid fucking insurance will cover EITHER new lenses, OR new frames/lenses, which i think is really fucked up (big surprise, eh?). so i COULD live with my old lenses, but, hey, i can't fucking see with them! so i HAVE to get new lenses, which fucking sucks.

my parents won't pay for ANYTHING in terms of my eyewear, so if i want sunglasses, i have to pay for my new lenses myself (cause it's cheaper...let the insurance cover the sunglasses, and i'll do the new lenses for my regular glasses).

so i don't even know why i'm in such a fucking bitchy mood, but damnit, EVERYONE'S gonna know about it.

including the fucktard next door, who i'm going to go give a piece of my mind to.



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Wow...31 forms of the word

Wow...31 forms of the word "fuck"--you're not in a good mood :oP...lol.

I wear glasses too. But cool ones--or so I like to think... I was near-sighted but somehow became farsighted too, so that now I just can't see anything without my glasses on :oP. I did contacts for a while, but it was too much effort. And I think the glasses add character...

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Wouldn't a bitchy mood sort of be the standard setting if you're a bitch?

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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i where glases, but not to benifit my eyesight, i where mine because they are the most awsome hippey glasses ever, they tint my entire world the perfect shade of blue. but my ferrets like to steel them. i will help you beet up jerk-next-door, but only if you supply me with a flame thrower to do it with.