IPod or MP3 Player?

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Okay, so I need a new MP3 player because mine is like 3 years old and only carries like 9 albums!!...Weak I know. So, what kind of MP3 Player do you guys suggest I get? Keeping in mind that I'm not rolling in dough so I can't afford like a $300 IPod!! lol.

The Player I have now is a Sony PSYC which has been really good to me but the software was/is kinda crappy. lol.

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be cool like me, rock a compact disc player. lol. go for the zune. get the unlimited downloads. lol.

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I hate iPods. Too limited.

I hate iPods. Too limited. If I got an MP3 player It'd be one that takes SD cards. I think Creative makes some of those. I actually refuse to buy one without a memory card slot. I especially don't like iPods because they force you to use i-tunes. I hate stuff like that. :/

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You don't HAVE to use

You don't HAVE to use iTunes. Because iPods are so popular, there's TONS of alternative to iTunes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_iPod_managers). I've personally used EphPod, Floola, Song Bird, Winamp and Amarok. I was really impressed by Amarok, but that's only used in KDE settings.

And why cards? I have a fiery burning passion for them. I like USB modes of storage - they're universal, they're simply and they're fast enough.

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i have an 80gig, totally

i have an 80gig, totally getto (literally is held together with ducttape) iPod video.

yeah, i know, it's POPULAR *gasp*, but it's a really good, simple MP3 player, and iTunes actually rocks. yeah, it's sometimes annoying, but it's a great resource. the insurance is great (my old nano got squashed, and they replaced it...all i had to pay for was shipping).

you can buy refurbished iPods for waaaaaay cheaper...my cousin has one, and she says it works like new. she's had no problems whatsoever.

my aunt has a non-iPod MP3 player...she's had a couple. they're bulky (her 30 gig one is bigger than my 80 gig, and is newer), the controls are confusing, and if anything happens to it, she's screwed.

hope that's helpful...

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Sony makes good products,

Sony makes good products, but the software is shit. I used to have a Sony MP3 player and I was really impressed with it, but it took me forever to get the songs onto it, and then I wound up with a bunch of doubles.
Honestly, as much as Apple makes me cringe, more and more things are being designed strictly for iPods. For example, my mom's car has an iPod hook-up, but there's no way to attach any other kind of MP3 player. And the new iTunes is much better. It's certainly not a bad product by any means. I do kind of have issues with the whole attitude that iPods are only supposed to work for two years, but at the same time I have my first gen Nano, and have for over three years now, and it still works fine.

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go the walkman!

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I love my iPod. I do have the one that was so big (160GB) they don't even make it anymore, but yeah... but I'm very into Apple stuff.

You can get a shuffle (no display) for $49, a nano for like $150 or $200, or the classic for like $250.

It is a huge leap from the nano to the classic as far as space, though.

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I love my Ipod touch but

I love my Ipod touch but probably more money then you're willing to spend.. Get an older Ipod.. like the classic version.. it's cheaper and you can get mor GIGS overall for your buck....
Really just dpeends on what you want to do with it.. do you just want to listen to music or watch movies and connect to the internet etc. Definitaly ask other people what they've found that works well.. ask about ANY problems they've had with it even if they thnk it was their fault because often times there's problems and everyone thinks it was their fault but really it's teh ctually thing that is the problem
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IPod was the most mentioned I'm shocked! :P

Lol, thanks you guys for all of your suggestions:) I think (but I'm not 100% sure) I'm gonna go for the 4GB Zune because I want to be able to play some video as well as music and at least it's at a reasonable price($100) for me...seeing as I don't have a job and barely have any money :P I'd like to get an IPod but I don't think I can make it to $150! lol.

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The $150 iPod plays video anymore, too.

AND, iPods work all 366 days during leap years!

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I can tell your an iPod enthusiast Jeff :P

Lol, and I SO wish I could get an iPod instead but it's a price issue for me....I have no money so it's a stretch just to make $100. I do prefer the prettiness of the iPod to the Zune:)

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This will be dated in a few weeks because what's available always changes — but at the present moment, Apple's offering refurbished 8 GB iPod nanos for $129.

That may still be a bit expensive for you, but if it helps. They had some slightly older iPods for $99 on that page a few weeks ago.

And Jeff's right, I'm pretty sure the last couple generations' worth of iPods can all play video.


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I know I said this, but let

I know I said this, but let met put it another way, if Zune gets big enough, they're going to be that little brother of yours that cock blocks you... or er... cotter blocks you? Microsoft, I promise, will push stupid, crappy and insecure standards (like they did wif ActiveX and IE) if they get a big enough foothold in the market. That's how the company works. They don't innovate. They cock block.

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To be fair...

That's every big company, not exclusive to Microsoft.

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And the difference between

And the difference between Microsoft and every big company? Microsoft weaseled itself out of an anti-trust battle.

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Just don't buy the ones that

Just don't buy the ones that are less than 60, I did that once and it broke after two months. I got a new one, thank you warrentee, two months later another one died. So I repeated the process...yet again it died.

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i used to have an Iriver

i used to have an Iriver Mp3, like 8gb for only 150$
has videos and music and pictures and heaps of stuff.
i full loved it,
it plays out loud as well if you take out the headphones and it has a huge screen.

hmm.. i wonder what ever happened to mine?

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im ready

i want an ipod touch without the ipod...all my music is in MP3 and WMA format so i dont want an ipod cause then i need to convert them all to AAC plus i really like Windows media player better than Itunes...any suggestions on one that will do all this plus have 60 GB of memory and up cause i already have 55 gigs of music and i want to be able to fit them all on there plus videos and photos and other stuff...

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iPods play mp3s, and there's a free app that will convert WMAs to MP3.

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iTunes automatically converts .wma into .mp3 in Windows with Windows Media Player 9.x or above installed.