I've decided.....

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That I'm gonna start working out and I'm gonna start learning to play the guitar again. First off I'm not overweight but I need to get back into shape and exercise more cause I know that it's not healthy that I'm mostly just sitting around. So, I'll use my sisters funky exercise machine she left here and I'll use my punching bad...I hope that I can stick to it. 2) Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the library and get a guitar teaching DVD from the library and start learning to play the guitar again. Can I admit why I want to start learning to play the guitar again? Yeah? Okay, it's because of SoN and Ashley, hehe. I always have these songs jumbling(?) around in my head but I can never really get them down on paper so hopefully being able to play the guitar will help(Yeah, that doesn't really make any sense but whatever lol)...Plus, someday I wanna be able to write my girlfriend an amazing song...Okay well a song anyways...hopefully a good one that expresses all the amazing feeling that I feel for her. Music is awesome I want to be able to express myself through it:) Okay, that's the main reason I want to learn to play the guitar :P


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are you into singing

bc if you are contact me for info on the rainbow chorus :P :)
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Oooo...I wish I could sing!

Oooo...I wish I could sing! But alas, I don't think I can :P

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