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so...the job market sucks right now! surprise, surprise.

i went looking last week...of all the shops/businesses in downtown, only 1 said he was hiring (the owner's a guy), and he seemed like he might be interested in hiring me, but...if that doesn't work out? i'm totally screwed.

i've already gotten letters from 2 of the CDF stations i applied of them was one of my top 5 picks. rejection letters. saying that since there's no MONEY (haha, that stuff is important, did ya know that?), they're only hiring a few people, and since i have NO experience, i don't make the cut.

i'm betting that that's going to be a lasting trend.

i'm applying to a company that runs hotels/stables and other stuff in Yosemite...hopefully...maybe, my experience with S will give me the leg up that i need to get hired there.

i should check with the national forest service, too...try to find out where i can go to get an app. lol least S is probably going to offer me a job for next summer. she's definitely going to hire me for her spring break class this spring (and i'll be 18 by then!!! woot!!! lol...just in time to pay taxes!). so if nothing else works, i'll have that. and she's gonna pay me pretty well, so if the summer job works out, i might even be able to move out...we'll see.



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good luck hopfullly the econemy pullls out of this rut soon. because other wise, im screwed once i have to get a job...........

hugs from ferrets

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good luck on the job search.

check out for awesome summer jobs. for real,. its a cool site. and i htink there's jobs in yosemite there. act now.

and good luck.

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