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Jon, I know that you and him were going through something while it happened, but it's time to be the bigger man and get in touch with him, first call an ambulance to his address, call him, go there if you must, but you can't leave him there, you know how much he loves you.


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Oh dear God, I knew that

Oh dear God, I knew that that might be what was going on!

Please, someone tell me why and what happened! Did Jon and Pat break up!?!?


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get a grip tim, this isn't about you. i don't know if they broke up or not, and that's not the point, the point is that jon is the only one who has the necessary details about pat, his number, his address, and hence is the only one who can alert somebody to go help him. as for what happened, last night i was on msn and pat started talking to me, he wasn't being clear, he's apperantly taken a lot of sleeping pills. he said he wanted to talk to somebody on his way out and that he was glad i was online, that he loves me and is sorry, and wanted someone to look after his cat. i tried to convince him for a long time (while he was still taking more and more pills) to call the hospital or a friend or anybody else for that matter, and tried to keep him online and talking. it got harder and harder to get his attention despite what i tried and eventually he stopped talking. he wasn't making any sense towards to end, he said a few things, mostly in the line of sorry, love you, called me addy a lot, said there's no pain, said he's no angel, and then i stopped getting replies. that's what happened...and nobody has heard from him since.

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Oh fuck. Total fuck. I know

Oh fuck.

Total fuck.

I know this isn't about me, I;'m just scared as hell. I'm not that fucking selfish. I'm just scared that he's gone for good... If this is some sick joke, I swear...

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ok i get it, but for now all we can do is wait until someone manages to make some form of contact with him ok tim?

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I don't think I have a current number for him. Does anyone? pm me if you do.

I'll call the one listed on his domain info in a few hours, only 8 a.m. there now. My guess is that will be his parents' number in Maine, which is probably where I sent the cops, as well.

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*sighs* i don't even know


i don't even know what to say anymore. i'm just worried and scared and...


also, i second what adam said. jon, please honey, talk to him before this gets any worse. please.

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