just wanted to say...

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I set my alarm for right around now because I need to study for a test I forgot about. That was truly the only reason. I'm still stressed about that, really; and it's been a very rough week for me.

Have been just as freaked and worried as everyone else over the last day's events on Oasis.

Yet, I awoke with the sudden conviction that everything is going to be all right. I don't know why; I just can't shake the feeling right now.

Thought I'd post while the feeling lasts.

Am very glad to see that WantsOut has posted today.

Would like to remind everybody that I'm online a lot. Have never felt I'm great at being able to say the right thing when someone is in trouble, but will answer my messages, certainly.

Try to have hope, everybody. Perhaps I was just hit by a wave of zen in my sleep, but I really think we can make it. Through whatever shit life throws at us.

~ Splash