Kids shows, and how they've come to an all time low.

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okay, so, im only fourteen so i had the cartoons from the 90's, the perfect decade of cartoons, where they were either, a talking turtle with a moral ((FRANKLIN! :] )) or puppets that needed sticks attached to their arms to move them (( sesame street! <3 elmo lol)) SO, now everything is digitally done, and everything has to educate you in three different subjects and two different languages before it'll air, its RIDICULOUS. and NOW omg NOW THEY HAVE DONE IT! ((i know its really immature to have a rant over this but...)) if anyone has been reading some of the news articles on yahoo, they are taking the cookie monster off of sesame street and replacing him with THE F*%$ING VEGETABLE MONSTER!
apparantly the cookie monster was "promoting over eating sweets and junk food." omfg....
what has this world come to?

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This country has become FAR

This country has become FAR too politically correct. I mean, when people are just trying to be respectful that's one thing, but when they're so politically correct that it's coming out of their ears and noses, it starts irritating me.

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I'm hurrying to get all the

I'm hurrying to get all the Looney Tunes collections on DVD before the cartoon vigilantes storm the Warner Brothers vault and burn them all.


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I've heard that story before

I've heard that story before — I thought it was just a rumor though. Although I did also hear that they were trying to make Cookie Monster more health-oriented ("cookies are sometimes snacks, not always" and that kind of thing), which to me seriously messes up the character.

Now I guess I have to go watch Sesame Street and find out :-)

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omg Franklin!! I used to

omg Franklin!! I used to watch that all the time. And Little Bear too! AND Blues Clues!

I heard about the whole Vegetable Monster thing too. I'm not 100% sure what I think about it but I can see where they are coming from. As sad as it may be.

But. What I do think is REALLY weird is that my 2 year old nephew has this Elmo doll that talks and says things like "Elmos needs a hug. Elmo loves you. You're Elmo's bestfriend!"
That kinda freaks me out because I think of like little kids that might not hear that a lot and when they do it comes from a doll. :(
Idk its just sad and really weird

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The veggie monster thing

The veggie monster thing isn't completely true. They introduced the "cookies are a sometimes food" in the late 80's, and he had this whole fruit and veggies rap thing. While they are trying to promote healthier lifestyles, Cookie still eats at least one cookie per episode. He introduces the letter of the day on a cookie, then spends a minute trying not to eat it, which he invariably fails at.

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There is no veggie monster:

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thank goodness. i never

thank goodness. i never really cared about sesame street even when i was little but iv still desided that i am morally opposed to replacing cookie monster with vegtable monster.

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the veggie monster myth has

the veggie monster myth has been arround almost as long as cookie monster, but you do have a point.

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I think my favourite Sesame

I think my favourite Sesame Street memory is the take off of Material Girl...."Cereal Girl."

That shit was funny. What is more surreal than a muppet singing a parody of a Madonna song about breakfast foods?

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They might need to tweak that song, too. Add something about whole grains and fiber.

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ahhh the times when tom and

ahhh the times when tom and jerry, mickey mouse, looney tunes, animaniacs, pinky and the brain...

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I heard he was going to be

I heard he was going to be broccoli monster... and apparently oscar the grouch isn't gunna be oscar the grouch any more because you need to act nice to everyone and all that bull.
Anyone remember Pinky and the Brain? Duck Tails? Tail Spin? Dinosaurs?
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Heh, a few months ago I

Heh, a few months ago I accidentally turned to a channel showing what had become of the power rangers (one of the shows i used to like...) and they defeated the bad guys by dancing..... I was so ashamed...... this whole culture is going to hell..... feel lucky, people who were born in the late 80s or very early 90s are the last groups of americans to be "well rounded"

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