Life Sucks

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Man does my life suck! on wednesday my boyfriend dumped my sorry ass, and then secretly started going out with a girl, i had hoped that he would come to me this morning and ask me back out but he didn't so i don't care. And then i wanted to ask out my Ex-boyfriend, who said that we can still be friends. i went through a rough weekend, so many hot guys and all so quickly! one crush after the next! I thin i got to 20 in under 5 minutes. . . and all of them were into girls, or spoken for.

I realy want to ask B back out but i don't because i am afraid he might hurt me again. and i want to ask J out again, but i can't trust him as far as i can through him. i would like a little advice please!!!!!! I am about to break!!!! my mind and body can't take much mor of this, . . . and this is why life sucks!


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dating sucks doesn't it? it's a real bitch i think.
advice? not much to advise...if u'r burnt out you need to retreat...but back on guys...until you have energy again and start over. don't go for straight boys unless they come to's not worth the heartache...and don't go too much for ex's...water under the bridge...leave it alone..there are heaps of guys...try new ones.
beer may also help.

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i don't drink beer, i prefer wine. and im 16. hello? can you say illegal?

well there isn't much variety here. it kinda sucks...

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One flaw here seems to be you want to re-ask out exes. Even if you don't know a lot of other gay boys, these guys are exes for a reason.

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Jeff is right... Not that

Jeff is right... Not that there's any surprise there. *Growl*

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everything adam deos, or suggest, half illegal?


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what can i an enabler?

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well they all dumped my sorry ass, so it was nothing to do with me( i think). well thanks for the advice, but I failed at being an ex. i asked B back out. i will keep everyone posted on how it goes.