=[ life sucks.

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so as you already know from my previous journals my grandpa passed away.
so i thought that would just be really sad and what not but i'd live. no its not that simple.
the guy that abused me(my cousin) has filaled a potition agenst me because i have a restraining order agenst him so sence im going to the funeral he cant but the potition is so he can go and i cant.
im so sad and annoyed.
i just want to say goodbye to my grandfather and respect his memory.
he raised me more then my own father did and i miss him more then you could imagine..
im so scared.
i have to go to court tomorrow.
i really need to go to the funeral.
i will break if i dont.
so yeaaa...


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I'm sending love, hugs, prayers, etc. your way. It sounds like you really need some

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*hug* they just have to let

they just have to let you go to it.

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yeah *hugs*

yeah *hugs*