Longer school years...

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Yet another good reason to have voted for Obama, keep those young punks off the streets... who's with me?

"Those lazy days of summer may become a thing of the past if the new secretary of education has his way.

Arne Duncan, the Cabinet secretary charged with overhauling America's educational system, is studying programs that keep kids in school longer to boost their academic achievements."

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In China they go to school

In China they go to school for most of the day and then come home and study even more. They don't even have school sports.

Sucks to be them!

Of course this was all coming from Channel One at my school so yup Government Propaganda! (that'll make sense if you know what channel one even is...)

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yeahhhhh I saw that on

yeahhhhh I saw that on Channel one too!
I think in missouri they passed something that allowed schools to choose to only go four days a week, but have one extra hour each day.
interesting.....I hope my school doesn't do that.

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We have about 185 school

We have about 185 school days per year in Vermont. We begin school the week before labor day and end around June 14th. We have four major vacations, Thanks-Giving, holiday, winter and spring. Right now, I'm on our winter break.

I better not get anymore school, because then that would caught into my lifeguard time DX!

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My high school experience: get up at six, go to school for eight hours, maybe go to rehearsal, come home exhausted, and still have homework to do. I'm pretty sure I was suffering from low-level burnout my senior year.

School can be good, but it can also be a huge mental and emotional drain. I don't think keeping kids in there longer will help with achievement. The kids who don't care will resent it, the kids who struggle will suffer longer, and the kids like me, the high achievers, will be under intense pressure for an even more extended period.

Seriously, Jeff, I hope you're playing devil's advocate here. The way I see it, we NEED summer vacation.

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Scroll back to August, there were literally people complaining how bored they were, just waiting for school to start. :-)

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Probably true.

Thinking about high school just gets me all riled up, I guess.

Still, I don't think less time off is the answer here.

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School's summer vacation

Years ago, in Alabama, they instituted a year round school year. My dearest nieces live there, or did. They did get 2 weeks here and there, but the entire summer was found to be too much time in between and decided a couple weeks here and there was better. I'm not sure how many school days were added for the year because of it, but much to my surprise my neices loved it. They are 2 of the most loving and kind women(early twenties) that I've ever known,now in their prospective fields and doing well. One of them chose a much lower paying field with great satisfaction being her "reward". The other chose a career with better pay and the ability to earn more money, and that's fine, too. That's individuality. Both are tops in my book! Obama had nothing to do with that. He's got his work cut out for him. Politics can be jabber-jawed til the cows come home. Each President has something that they did better than others. And yes, even President Bush.

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Well, I go to boarding

Well, I go to boarding school and we have to have extended breaks so that people (like me) who live far away can actually get some value out of breaks. I would never get to take vacations if we had only 2 or 3 week breaks, even if they were moderately frequent.

Also, I have the same problems with rehearsals, long hours, extended periods for AP science so we can get in lab hours, an extra afternoon period for fine arts classes....If they're going to lengthen the year they should also shorten the school day so that we can have more extracurriculars without being so stressed out. Crazy people like me have incredibly stressful school weeks as it is--if we had even more of them we would stop being successful (as I'm already doing a tad with my overload of activities. :P My piano competition today was not too great, since I hadn't had enough practice time). I guess my final argument is that the school year is pretty well spaced out as it is, and if summer break is shortened, it should only be a little bit, nothing drastic.

Admittedly, I go to a rather autonomous private school, so it's unlikely much will change here.

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Can't complain. I went to a

Can't complain. I went to a private school made for study-freaks. I had class from 7 to 4, extracurriculars until 6-7, and then loads of homework. Oh, and minimum time for vacations.
I mean, people may be used to having a lot of free time, but once you get used to longer days and less vacations it's not so difficult to put up ith that.

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My school is one of the few

My school is one of the few failing No Child Left Behind, so maybe some more school would do it good. I get bored over the summer I crave going back to school, not for the school but for the friends. It would help out the juggling club though, I could whip them into shape easier with more time.