Love changes

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I've never been one to pretend or falsify my feelings for you
But now the times have changed and the situation is different

You lied and weren't who you said you were.
How about we stop the games
you just be you and I will be me
We can do this if you try

I hear your footsteps they are a constant reminder
of what we used to be
the sneaking around
the high we got from not getting caught
but now everything's different and you're not the same

You say that you love me but I know that it's changed
you haven't been here for me in months
you say that you couldn't "deal"
but I was there for you when you faced death
I was there right beside you even when you tried to push me away

Why is it so hard for you to just be there for me?
Why do you need to be so independent from me?
If this is the way that it is
If you're just floating between the lines
We can't be,
We just can't be together
because it hurts too much
To be here and be waiting on every word you say
To give you my everything
only to have you walk away

So, I'll leave you here standing, waiting on my words
As you've you've done to me many times before
This time the tables have turned
and you're on the other side

I'll find my place in this world and you will find yours