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today is my first meeting with that new little gay youth group im volunteering in...though i'm not exactly a "youth"...where is the cutoff for "youth"?....or perhaps if you have to ask you're just not "youth".
meow! a little nervous...israeli homos...i better dress well...(sif i ever not dress well)!

anyways...ive decided to paint the straight's his fault because he said he always wanted to be painted..and now he will painting things is how i get over's like closing a yay for painting! should i tell him i'm painting him?

anyway...NEW BOY! he's name is daniel...which is a nice name...and he's Iraqi...hmmmm hot...chocolate skin but not overly hairy or nothing of you know all those arabs you see in movies...arabs don't look like that...i hope you people realize that...when arabs shave and wear clothes and not various rags...they're like....uber HOT! so anyway he's a nice little israeli jewish boy...i think he's 19, in the army. only bad thing is...i think he's rich. i don't know why all the rich boys in israel like pisses me people are! i just love those army boys...the uniform really is very hot. he is hot too..and normal..which i like...though i'm nto gonna let myself get too excited about it this time. what i most especially like is his's just perfectly average....which means that if i ever have sex with him i wont have to feel like he's doing me a favour! bahahahaha...not that my body is bad...(hint hint tim).

anyway...guess there was really no good reason for me to say all that about the new boy...thoguh he does seem distincly different, very open honest and genuine...which is as rare as a ten inch penis on a bee. anyway...only one downside with him...he's in the closet to his family. i dunno what about that just annoys me...but it does....i'm a closet nazi...i don't deny's not's not fair of me...but there it is.


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i've pretty much had my fill

i've pretty much had my fill of dating girls in the closet, so i'm SO with you on being a closet nazi. all you hot people, come out!

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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can the rest of us stay put?

can the rest of us stay put?