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Tommorow is my best friend's first solo-exhibition. he doesn't know he's my best friend...i never told him or gave him any reason to think that, but he is i suppose. i'm that kind of friend who isn't there until you need him, which works perfectly for him because he's the kind of friend who's always there except when you need him...we complete eachother! truth our friendship is very much about mutual competition.....we're both artists, both highly ambitious and both have what it takes, i have the skill and spirit, he's got the connections and marketing techniques....which are no less and no more important to skill and spirit. obviously he's a giant pothead, he's 35 (i get along with older men, in friendship, sex and relationships...period), been practising art for only like two years (and it shows). one thing we have in common is colour, we're both colour sluts, his are young though, uncontrolled, not very sophisticated at all and have absolutely no meaning beyond decoration. it doesn't bother me in the least, i think he's quite a good artist in his own right and i'm very happy to be his wingman at his first solo, he's suitably very very excited. i just think it's funny that i had my first solo exhibition when i was about half his age and before he even started working in art, i was only 18? 19? i don't remember. anyway, solo exhibitions are the "official launch" of every artists career, a monumental part of every artist's life, so i'm very happy for him and very proud of the little sucker (again, not that i would tell him). I also happen to be the only one who doesn't kiss his ass, i don't pretend to LOVE his work beyond measure and he knows it, i think it's largely why he respects me, coz i know what he's about and i know his techniques coz i've done them all before, still i respect him back for his relative success, enthusiasm and evergy...not to mention his ambition, he's the only one i've met thus far wth ambitions that match my own, he's quickly realizing the value of that commonality as he realizes most people in our class are cheap watery imitations of artists. do i sound like a terrible snob? it's coz i am, im a fucking art nazi and i don't apologise for it, the state of the art world these days is absolutely fucking pathetic...
anyway, it was nice being with him today, haven't seen him in ages (we're also the kind of best friends that don't really see eachother or call much, we just know the other person is there and leave it at that...he's terribly unreliable so i never make plans around him, and i'm terribly moody so he knows to approach with care...he does enjoy telling me about his sexual misadventures which disgust me with their vaginal content and return the favour by giving him one of my little stories....anything to do with the anus or cocksucking usually gets him into that wonderful uncomfortable place i intended to take him. he gave me a stupid present today, a mobile phone holder in the shape of a pink jacket...he figured it looked gay so i'd like it...he was right. to return the favour i put up with his disgusting apartment, his hashish and his personality...that and i ate his chocolate and snacks which i'm sure he's cursing me about right now while he's high and wants muchies...but whatever i needed them more than him....i didn't have lunch or breakfast and i'm yet to have meh.
went to take a final squiz at his see how it was curated.....which is just as well i went...coz the wanker who curated it should be shot up his postmodern tasteless asshole. the worst curation i've ever seen to be naturally i moved everything around...which my friend liked much better...and it did look a lot better, coz i'm a genius at anything to do with art....duh!
anyways....tommorow before the opening we're going to get some wine and munchies for the guests, and a guest book so he can gloat in his little triumph. my grandma has decided to come which will be friend likes making cock and gay jokes at me...and my grandma is a little sensitive to that...but i don't imagine i'll talk to him much tommorow...the artist in these shows never really gets a second for themselves...and you can be sure he'll be there trying to sell all the available artworks to whoever would buy one. one of them belongs to me, not so much because i love his work but because he wanted one of mine and had to give something in return. it's common for artists to swap works so i thought, what the hell...let the sucker have one. i took his nicest piece, naturally....not that he really knows it, he thinks everything he makes lights up the world...i think i took about the only artwork there i would gladly allow people to know was in my's quite nice, abstract, mostly blue and black and violet with these flashes of orange red and a little yellow....quite pretty really...all his works, of course, are done under the influence of a wait i mean...A LOT of cannibas. hehehehe

oh and i'm wearing all my nice new shit, got my new pants back from the tailor today, and my new boots are all polished up and looking feirce....don't think i'll bother with a belt, only wear a t-shirt coz i can't be fucked with much else and i look hot in it, and some jacket or other which i'll peel off just as soon as i can do it without my nipples freezing and falling off. i might wear something similar to my little sex club date on thursday. will need to get a little wasted to do that again...the whole...stripping in front of 100 men is a if u'r wasted and horny it seems perfectly even feel sexy, even beautiful...when u'r fucking in the jacoozi for all to see...hehehe.

which reminds me!

two days no sex!!! are you proud!? and i'm quitting cold turkey whacking nothing....until thursday, at which point i will gladly spoil myself with a glory meal...that is...the ukranian six pack in the sex club. imagine sodom and gamora...and you've got the picture...or else...picture hell with water instead of flames.
that wasn't what i wanted to talk about...i don't know what is. oh yes...i've re-ignited my profile....for my sex break i put only portraits of myself in there, but i now juiced it back up....i do enjoy cock teasing very muchly...i must say. enough enough i don't want to talk like a whore tonight....i'm rolling back on sex in general until such a time as i find a boyfriend...and for those wondering about the ukranian's chance with me...may i remind you that he asked me to piss on him.

anyway enough out of me, i'm busy reading pat's book and trying to figure out how im like the elf dude? so far the only thing i see in common is the constant dirty mind and the mood swings heheh.

now fuck off oasians


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good ...............

boy, just dont go nuts and bare back him like you did to would be boy friend.


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