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officially broke my kink virginity...gave the guy his favourite thing....a golden shower. tada! was grose, i made him shower right after


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It's cause you love him

It's cause you love him right

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Wow, thought you would have

Wow, thought you would have used your kink virginity at a much younger age... unless you mean that SPECIFIC kink in which case I'm glad it took you so long....
I wasted my kink virginity for most things ages ago...
I'm so insanely masochistic... hehehe.
I must be really tired too...

Ty M. Berium ; The Sacred Green Crystal

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ice... dildo...? I prefer

ice... dildo...?

I prefer melty things to stay away from my ass...
I also prefer cold things to stay away from ass as well...
And finally, I prefer that possibly sharp objects that could very well damage my digestive system stay away from me.

I'm thinking I don't want lose my kink-card...

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You can keep all cold, melty, sharp things away from and outside of your ass, and still earn many gold stars on your kink card.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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Er.......This odd

Er.......This odd conversation....Kinda scared....*hides in a bush* Dont find me!

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Tut tut, all of you. Get

Tut tut, all of you. Get thee to a nunnery!

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So i laughed from the quote

So i laughed from the quote because in my class we're currently reading Hamlet (read it before but we just read that scene)
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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Idk wat a kink card

Idk wat a kink card is....And im sure u guys wont tell me.....So erm..Im lost hehe...Scared and lost isnt a dun combo xP. Soo...errrr yeah. FUnny convo though....

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well, adam, i have to

well, adam, i have to say...that particular kink is a bit TOO kinky for my tender sensibilities *cough, cough*, but...gratz?

what, exactly, is the proper response to such an admission? is there a greeting card for that event in a person's life?

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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worry regret, our conversationns are always this wierd. especially on adams journals.


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I-I kinda figured that out

I-I kinda figured that out thank you very much! Lol.
Its just kinda odd....and scary lol