My Boss (this is creepy)

bulldyke's picture's been creepy. as i'm sure you all know already, i don't much like my boss, but i was willing to work around that, and just buckle down and do the job. the work is pretty cool, after all.

but now? now i don't think so.

i was clearing out this huge pile of cardboard today, which was almost meditative...anyway.

he comes over when i was about half done, and says "oh here, let me show you something that i invented myself." (he's SUCH an egotist). he takes a tall, skinny cardboard box and stands it up against the wall (mind you, we're in the basement/workshop, so even though it's well lit, it's already a little bit weird.

so he puts the box against the wall, and tells me to step back. as i walk away a bit, he stands so that his side is facing the box, a few feet away, and starts unbuckling his belt (i, by the way, have my hand on my knife at that point, cause he's starting to creep me out a bit).

he pulls his belt off, and whips it out so that it slams into the box, ripping a hole into it, and sending it flying, smiling the whole time.

still smiling, he puts his belt back on, picks up the box and hands it to me, saying "i'm not crazy, ya know, i just like doing stuff like that."

no, dude, you're not crazy, you're fucking psychotic! jesus...

and then he walks away, with this creepy little selfsatisfied smirk on his face, and goes back to his paperwork.

i'm quitting. i'm not sure when, but soon. i may stick around til i get paid, just so that i DO get paid, cause i have a suspicion that he won't pay me anything if i quit now. after all, he's under no obligation to do so!

so...that's my day so far! i've got to get back to work in about 20 minutes, i'm on my lunch break, but i really needed to write that out. he really creeped me out.

i don't think that he'll hurt me today, or ever, not without a cause, but every instinct is screaming at me to get out of there. i'm not worried for my physical safty in the immidiate future, so don't worry about that. and if i DO start thinking that he's gonna try something, i'm getting out of there, ASAP. i'm not stupid, and i'm not afraid to run instead of fight.

fuckin A. i'm still kinda shaken up about it.



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Bull, I don't know if you

Bull, I don't know if you should quit. there are always a few osychos out ther (ME!!!) and we just need to try to deal with them.

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What a crazy psycho! But at

What a crazy psycho! But at least you have amusing work stories to tell?

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