My little poem

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fuck off
fuck off
I want you all to die! I hope you fall down in a pit and never see the light.

If you
to jump down in that pit, I will shoot you and then take my foot and kick you into it.

I hate
the world
I hope that it will burn. I want to take the ignorance away and let them learn

But if
they learn
I fear they will not see. I think that if they learn their eyes will burn and you'll agree...

I'm crazy I have to die!
I think the world will fry!
If you disagree
with little old me
I'll shoot you in the eye!


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reminds me of mcKinley's curse...great poem...slightly funnier

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has to be tagged with the word Poem to appear directly from the poetry link above.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Yeah, I actualy like this

Yeah, I actualy like this though... I don't actually want to apologise for this!

Um, I guess I'll tag it then?