new gay kid at school?

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I'm not good with titles.
But theres this new girl at school. She's bi. Atleast thats what everyones said. And I'm just like ooh Really. thats interesting... She's not ugly, but she's not like omg drop dead sexy. I think she's the type of person that when you get to know them they automaticaly become more attractive. (I hope that doesn't make me sound shallow or anything.)
But ya and I was telling some friends how I introduced myself to her because I've been the new kid before and its really comforting when someone goes out of their way to say hi. She sits in front of me in one of my classes so I like awkardly tap on her shoulder and I'm like Hi and introduce myself and whatnot. And then later on in the class I mentioned something about this girl at school who claims she's a vampire and this new girl already heard about her and it was only second period.
Then later on while I was at basketball practice they brought up the new girl and I told them how I introduced myself and they were all like she's probably gonna hit on you now! (like that would be such a bad thing?lol)

Seriously, when basketball ends in a couple of weeks (I can't wait!) theres gonna be a lot of people that are gonna be like holy shit. Cuz thats when I'm gonna come out at school completely. And those girls are gonna think back to when they told me how that girl is gonna hit on me. haha. Plus I don't really care what they think anyways cuz their not friends that I would ever hang out with outside of basketball.


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We're only getting stupid

We're only getting stupid ass wangsters or smelly hicks at my school right now >.>
IT PISSES ME OFF! ARGH! Having a not-so-straight chick at school would be fine wif me though. Lesbian, bisexual, equal-opportunist, I don't care.

Tha's coo' though!

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My school has enough hicks

My school has enough hicks and wangsters already as it is. lol

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I forgot to mention

I forgot to mention hunters... Which, I hate hunters. Not just cause I'ma vego, but because they're idiots.

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i take that...

as a direct, personal attack maas! lol. and yes, to music, it does kinda make you seem shallow. but good luck if you want to pusue her. who knows, she might like you.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I thought you directed the

I thought you directed the "pursue her" at me and I was like... ugh DX, I like teh cock =P.

You hunt? I despise the act of hunting. I don't see how going around shooting poor defenseless animals whose only defense is speed is gratifying. Though, I will admit that it's much much better, in my opinion, the those concentration camps for animals known as "farms" or "ranches". But of course, I'm probably somewhat biased, considering that fact that I thoroughly enjoy the screams of broccoli, arugula and quinoa.

Just don't bring up anything having to do with "hunting" to me, ever. 20 people in my school have repeatedly tried to scar me by telling them of their exploits theirs murders. They of course, included all the gore.

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it's true, when someone is

it's true, when someone is pretty and then you get to know their personality sometimes it's like 'holy shit you just got so much better looking"

and good luck with coming out after basketball. I have a feeling I'll be coming out school wide sometime this semester as well. what's your motivation for it?

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Coming out? Well I've been

Coming out?
Well I've been hiding it for 16 years.
I didn't want to come out during basketball because I didn't want to hear peoples bs like I was looking at them in the showers or whatever ya know?
And I figure I could possibly help other kids at my school by coming out. I feel that I've gotten to that point in my life that it would be the best decision and my family would support me. (eventually I hope) I've already come out to my Mom and I'm still alive and she's gotten pretty cool about, but then again I don't live with her. I just basically need to tell my Dad, and I think he would be ok and accept me. And at school I've already come out to most of my friends.

Good luck with yours!