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I haven't been feeling. Ever since my teacher had to report me, things have felt different. I don't feel the same.
I've needed to talk to a therapist but am too damn scared to ask my parents for the money.

I need a hug.


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wat did your teacher report you for?

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What's going on?

And as for therapists — are the counselors at your school any good? They don't charge.

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aww..! *hug*

aww..! *hug*

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My teacher reported me

My teacher reported me because I emailed her and, not thinking, used the words "physically abused" when describing myself. And then I sent this poem about being hit. It was stupid. I should've known not to use those words because I got reported last year too ,..but that was for another set of words.

I am so scared. I think about things I shouldn't (no, they're not self-harm stuff). I feel like I might really need therapy. I just don't know where to go.

I've been having these phone sessions with some person who is a therapist at a local , glbtq specializing, place. I am thinking of going in to see her, but don't know if it has to be confined to stuff about me being a lesbian or if I can really talk about whatever.

At school...well, I'm afraid that if I tell the counsilor what I'm thinking of, he'll report me. And I don't want my parents to know. I figure if I have a therapist and I tell her, then she wouldn't tell my parents. Am I right?

Please post with suggestions.
Gargle Gargle .

Not yet as sucky as last night or the night before that.

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Depends what you say...

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