Oh, god

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I am an idiot.

I live in an apartment with my dad and we live on the second floor and have a porch and everyone can see everything that happens on the porch from the alleyway. So this guy knocked on my door and I answered and he was adorable. And so he flattered me which is like the worst thing to do to me because I totally fall for that and got me to buy a magazine subscription from him so he could get a scholarship and go to the Bahamas and the worst thing is that 1. I lied about my age and then couldn't remember to keep my mouth shut and told him the truth and 2. I hugged him. 3 times. In full view of all my neighbors who could potentially now tell my dad. And I'm screwed. And Meta is gone for the weekend so I have nobody to calm me down about this because I feel so guilty and just...

Oh, god
I am an idiot.


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breath innnnnnnnnnnnnn and

breath innnnnnnnnnnnnn and breath ouuuuuuut breath iiiiin and breath ouuuuuut.
ok now why is that a bad thing?

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Because I'm not 18 so I have no control over my life and this guy was a stranger and my dad is totally not into me conversing with strangers. He has problems with me chatting with people in line.

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why don't you just say your

why don't you just say your sorry and you won't do it again?

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Who would he say sorry to?

Ok...first off you didnt really do any thing wrong...unless you bedded the stud muffin....then your up the creek with no paddle...I you didn't bed him...WHY NOT?...oh ...sorry...carried away here...lets see...first off you told him your 18, then told him the truth that your not, OK...you dont have to pay for the mag since your a minor and may not sign a contract legally....unless you bought a gay rag or something good.
Why would any one tell on you giving a guy a hug? its not like you were on your knees in front of him begging for sex or something...so that is the least of the worry's . Your dad has no control over door to door salesmen so if he asks tell him the truth...Yeah some sales man came by and i shooed him off or something to that affect. You are blowing things way out of proportion here. I dont see how you have any thing to worry about at all.

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i like oldfoxbob's idea

i like oldfoxbob's idea better.

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You're TRYING to find a

You're TRYING to find a problem so that I give you advice, aren't you, sweetie?

Aw, that's so CUTE!

Okay, here goes: Read Oldfoxbob's comment.


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hi idiot! i'm adam

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*slaps adam* you're not an

*slaps adam*

you're not an idiot, and you know it. *hugs*

i'll call ya later, and tell me more, kay? and you're SO not an idiot. i'd know.

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*slaps Adam with a fresh fish*

*Adam's* an idiot. ;D

(\/) I can haz cookie?