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i just got offered a job!!! for the very first time in my life!!!

i'm so fucking excited!!! and nervous,

oh my god!!! this is so freaking amazing!!!

wow. okay, i need to call my shrink, and probably S, too...god, i dunno what to do!! this is all so new and strange!!!

and i'm so i was up (on here) til 5am...and now, my tired brain can't even handle coming up with sex jokes.

lol so yeah, i'm freaking excited, and freaking OUT! oh my god!!!

i need to do laundry. but i'm SO tired! gah!

oh, and um, details! lol it's a little shop that does sign engraving (like for awards or plaques, or whatever), and sells watches, too. it's a funky kind of place, but whatever! i'm gonna be working full time! OMG!!!

and if i can keep it, that means i'll be able to buy myself a car in, yes, that's right A MONTH!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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it's so a brothel isn't it?
you don't fool me you perky little lesbian cave licker!
congratulations though! only shame is that you wont have as much time to be on oasis :(
(yes i'm a glass half empty kind of guy)

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A car in a month?

Hmm, if this is a first job, you might get a rude awakening when the government starts taxing your salary, heh.

Congrats on the job, tho. You need to call your shrink to sort out accepting a job offer?

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bulldyke's picture aunts are giving me aunts are giving me my 'college' fund in about a month, cause i'm turning 18, and since i'm not planning on going to college any time soon, i'm going to use it to buy a car, and what's left over for training (EMT, firefighting, etc.). but i can only handle that if i have a job, otherwise, no point.

and no, i need to call my shrink so that i can reschedual my appt. times with her so that i can work. :P

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Woot Woot!

Awesome! Congratulations!!!!

See, making all the resumes actually led to getting a job! :P And $$$ which is always a good thing :P

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Congratulations. Yeah, takes

Congratulations. Yeah, takes suck. Just think of them as legalized theft. Still, once you get used to them, it's ok. You'll get most of it back when you file your taxes. Don't forget you have to do that.

YAY FOR YOU!!!!! I'm excited for you.

Let's everyone work on getting out of the depression swamp and try to make good things happen, okay? Don't wait for it to happen, go out and get it like Bulldyke did (and like Timmy will once he gets this new guy of his alone. hehehe).



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Congratulations! :o) That's

Congratulations! :o) That's awesome!

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sweet *hugs*

sweet *hugs*

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That's awesome! Kudos! " . .

That's awesome! Kudos!

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HOLY COW :D *tons of

*tons of hugs*

you're excitement just made me crazy excited, and just a chain of happiness.
go you!!

you, engraver/watch seller, you
that's so neat!