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Just got home.


Lol, my STRAIGHT guy mates who took me home we were all singing (aka drunk shouting) Taylor Swift's LOVE STORY in the car when it came on the radio..."YOU'LL BE MY PRINCE AND I'LL BE YOUR PRINCESS". LOL they were all off their face. Wow, I'm still able to type proper sentences...

Went to Ellie's Friday night. Heaps of people went, over 100? Someone peed on her LOL. Chicks hooking up with each other. And slutty chicks waving their bras in the pool (Screaming "I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!"). Stupid rats Russian bitches. Weed everywhere. Rowdy boys.

Went to Steph's tonight (or more like last night - IT'S SUNDAY). Blake was so gone. I think I might be in love with Jesse. He keeps apologising for banging into my head (I bet he did it on purpose). Then he keeps holding me and patting my head asking if I'm okay. Must get him real drunk at the next party and make out with him. WTF, A keeps smoking. Met some real cool people. Rachel trying to set me up with her bisexual friend.

Also went driving with Asher this afternoon.

Also went to this musical concert tonight before the party. Was mean. Our choir performed too. Was free. Great stuff.

I've been either drunk or hungover all these weekends. Good work Max. GOOD WORK. Not really. Sarah's having a boat party next week... and I'm going to throw one in a warehouse soon (maybe Easter). WEEEEE!

SO, in the end I didn't go to no Christian youth group. Silly Sam. Some Christians are just too pure and perfect for me.

Too perfect for my liking.


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u'r so cute

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u'r so drunk

u'r so drunk

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what parties are you going to? damn man, sounds like you have some rich, well endowed friends who got loads of parents $$$ for good times. loll. get the boy drunk, see what happens. n dont u hate it when ur friends try to set u up w/ their friends who MAY be gay, and or bi...not like im attracted to everything w/ a cock that moves! lol.

have fun @ that boat party max. jsut be careful. cops are alll over those these days.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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You track the current interests of the police in New Zealand?

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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I kind of don't mind being

I kind of don't mind being set up though, given that she was drunk and probably won't remember, if she does it just means more boys and more options? BOYS BOYS BOYS

I'm too picky though, and tend to fall shamelessly for the straight ones...

And we'll be sweet! We're just a bunch of well-fed spoilt teenagers trying to have some harmless fun...

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hahahhaa i should totally

hahahhaa i should totally read more journals posted my drunk people hahahaa you're so entertaining i literally laughed out loud ahaha and mannnn....those parties sound...tipsy

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i wasn't drunk

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I'm joking! Obviously it

I'm joking! Obviously it wasn't very funny, I apologise for my distasteful humour...

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i love you! no apologies....