Pat update

Final update: Pat's back!

Update #4: Got an e-mail from Pat. He's finally back home. He read all of the posts on here, and wanted to let everyone know how much he loves and appreciates everyone on Oasis. He'll probably post something later today.

Update #3 from Pat's Mom

Update #2 from Pat's Mom

Update #1: I'll add new updates to the top like this, so you can see them better.

Just spoke with Pat's mom again. She finally did get to speak with Pat in the hospital, so that's definitely good for her, to hear his voice and talk to him, since she isn't there in person.

He just wanted to tell everyone on Oasis that he's OK, he misses everyone, and he'll be online again as soon as he can. It could be more than a week, though, just to set expectations. He also wanted to thank Adam personally for being there when everything was happening.

On another note, Pat's mom created an oasis account and posted a forum topic. You can say hi to her there, or send any messages to Pat through her.

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Original Post:

I just spoke with Pat's mother and she says he is alive and in a hospital in Michigan. She hasn't spoken to him directly yet.

He had taken sleeping pills, as we knew from Adam, but she said he would often have problems sleeping for days, and then need to take pills to finally sleep. She said she didn't know if this was an intentional overdose or not yet.

She did say how important everyone on this site is to him, and I told her there were a lot of people here sending him prayers and positive thoughts, which she appreciated. She said talking with the people on here means the world to him, as well.

She also wanted to thank Adam for being there, in the moment.

As I later suspected, my 911 call ended up with the police showing up at her door in Maine, rather than his in Michigan, but it's all we could figure out to do in the moment.

She will keep me updated on his status and, if I find out the hospital from her later today, I'll send him flowers on behalf of everyone here.

I will post any future updates here. So, good news, Pat is still with us.


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*passes out in

*passes out in relief*

ohhhh, thank god. i'm so glad to hear that! thank you jeff for keeping us updated.

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Oh thank goodness he's

Oh thank goodness he's alright. I was really worried. I still am, actually. But at least we've got some idea whats going on now.

Thanks for the update.

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thank God. my prayers are

thank God. my prayers are with him.
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I'm so glad he's alright!

I'm so glad he's alright! It's quite a relief to know everything's fine know, and I hope we'll get to see Pat around here soon!

Thanks for the update Jeff!!! and, btw, thanks Adam for thinking about posting and everything!

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thank all of you, especislly the big ferret in the sky.


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That was a big sigh of

That was a big sigh of relief to know that he is okay. I'll still keep him in my thoughts. And can't wait for him to return.

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Glad you're still here

Try to stick around for Jonathan, huh? E-mail me when you can. And remember how much everyone on this forum cares about you.

A decillion nose pets for ya. Meet ya at Tech Duinn when we get there!

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Thank You for letting us know

I'm happy to see that Pat's still alive, I hope he's doing alright with everything that happened.

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Thanks for the update, send

Thanks for the update, send on our well wishes!!

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thank god youre still with

thank god youre still with us. we all love you a lot.

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Pat and meds.

Sleeping pills are a waste of time. Sounds like he needs something more along the lines of Xanax. It calms you down enough to sleep. My Doctor put me on sleeping pills and they just didn't work, therefore you think taking another one will let you sleep, and before you know it, you've taken too many, which causes the respiritory system to slow, and breathing becomes shallow or stops. There is a mixture of medications that when combined can cause the same results. Hydrocodone, ocxycodone and any anti-depressant can kill you when combined. I suggest he take 1 milligram xanax at bedtime. Works like a charm for me on sleepless nights. Do not drink alcohol on any of these medications. Their abuse are at record levels today, and doctors are reluctant to prescribe these narcotics very often. But taken correctly, they can be of great benefit. I wish Pat the best. HOWIE

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Best wishes, Pat...

We're all thinking about you here.

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Thank goodness...

I wish you the best, Pat.

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*huge sigh of relief*

SO glad he's alive. I think I'm only just realizing how freaked out I was.

Jeff, thanks for the update. Keep us posted.

And Adam, thanks for your posts before.

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I love you, life

I love you, life would be a sad, sad thing without you.

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That's REALLY awesome news

That's REALLY awesome news to hear that he's okay and that his mom got to speak to him. All the best, Pat :)

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, some punished. Never was a story of more regret than this of Juliet and her fair Juliet.

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I'm so glad he's alright. I

I'm so glad he's alright. I barely know him, but he seems like a very caring man.

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At first I was really

At first I was really confused and all "what the hell did i miss" Because i have been reading journal entries and stuff but I avoid Adams (sorry sometimes they're just too random for me but i appreciate them for what they are) so i went back and found out.
I"m so glad he's okay! And good job Adam!
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gee thanks....bitch

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You're very welcomeBut

You're very welcome
EDIT- I had said thanks then actualy read one of Adam's journals so I don't thank you!

~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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Oh thank goodness.

Oh thank goodness. Adam...cynical as ever.

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whoosh, this is all news to

whoosh, this is all news to me. Glad to hear you all were there for him.

Get well soon Pat!

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Pat! Many of us miss you and


Many of us miss you and love you too.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God, I am SO thrilled to know he's okay...

I've known that he takes sleeping pills (Sometimes more often than normal...) because he's slept for days in a row without waking up and then apologised via email...

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Hey Pat

Get back soon and hope you feel better, we all miss you on here. take care buddy.

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Maux's picture mean i can mean i can exhale? thank goodness!

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Oh man, I just logged onto

Oh man, I just logged onto Oasis for the first time in a while and saw this post. Pat, hang in there! I'm glad you're still here with us! I'm sending love your way.

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I did Honest I did

Dear very special people,
I wrote an update on Pat but I haven't a clue where it went to as I didn't really send it my computer just decided to launch it all on it's own. Maybe Jeff can find it for me.
My brain is "squash" so I'm heading for bed.
In a nut shell, Pat is being well taken care and making good progress. He is anxious to get back on line but can not have his computer yet. We'll take any forward progress at this point.
Thank you all for your messages they mean a great deal to his Dad and I and will eventually mean as much to him.
If anyone retrieves my unedited, unfinished original post they will have my undying gratitude. Sorry I can't offer a reward but times are tough. Right???
Gentle Hugs, Glyn, aka Whisperinghope aka Pat's Mom

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I don't see anything hanging around where it shouldn't be.

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I haven't been on here in a

I haven't been on here in a while and when I logged on and saw this I was like " Holy shit, what happened?!". Good to know he's doing okay though. Hang in there Pat.

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I am really glad to hear that. I hadn't herd about Pat's story until just now and I hope that he can resume back to normal shortly. I send love and health in your direction. You can hang in there Pat. <3

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Update on Pat

I still haven't figured out where the best place is to post these updates so I'll just take a chance and put it here.
Pat call me this afternoon. Our conversation was brief as he had to use a phone that is in a very public place where others were waiting to use it. It looks like he should be going home on Wed. or Thursday. Whoopie!! He sounded really good and of course is anxious to get back to "life". I'm sure that Raja will be very happy to see him after an appropriate period of "snub time" When Pat goes away and leaves him he punishes him by keeping an appropriate distance for awhile just to let him know that he disapproved of being left behind. He is use to going almost every where Pat does. Then he will jump up in his lap with his "high purr" on and stick to him like glue for a very long time. They are truly as close as close can be.
If there is anything else to share with you before Pat comes home and is able to be back on line I will certainly share it with you all.
I want to thank everyone who has shared their love, concern and support during this very difficult time for Pat and his biological family. You are also a part of his family.
If I have not responded to anyone who has written to me personally I will try and keep checking my account daily.
I never did really learn the proper places to put these messages so I'm sure they are not under the proper headings but Jeff has been such a great person and not pointed out the errors of my ways. *S* (smiles)
I will never forget the way you all came together as a group. I now know why this site means so much to my Son.
I surround each and every one of you with "The White Light of Spiritual Protection" each time I meditate.
Gentle Hugs, Glyn aka Whisperinghope aka Pat's Mom

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WONDERFUL. Signed, Timothy


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I'm Thrilled

At the news that Pat is Ok and will be home soon. He is such a trooper! We all look forward to his return here and to his spry whit, humor, love, council and more. See ya then Pat.

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that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

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old fox bob...where did you come up with that stupid fucking name? i might be drunk but i can come up with better names than that
i need chocolate

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Pat's Mom Glynda

Pat will be going home tomorrow around 5 p.m I posted all about this but once again I don't know where it went.
More later, must go to bed my Fibromyalgia is winning at the moment and only crawling into my feather bed will help.
Love & Light Glyn aka Whisperinghope aka Pat's Mom