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For all the posers out there,
you should take a clue.
Nobody cares who you are,
or what you do.

You're so busy trying to prove who you are,
while I can already see through you.
You're falling apart inside,
so you take it out on everyone else.

Why don't you just suck it up,
and take it like a (wo)man.
No one gives a fuck,
about where you've been.

I don't believe your words,
maybe you do.
But I can see through all of your lies,
they are sad and contrived.

You push and pull throughout your life,
you're just one desperate cry.
Looking for love and attention,
cause you don't get enough.

But you're doing it wrong,
and you're only hurting the people who actually give a shit.
So please just take a look in the mirror,
and see what we see.

You're hallow and desperate,
maybe I'm the only one who sees how pathetic.

You leave me standing here,
I pretend to smile and be cool about it all.
I nod in occurrence,
with the words you say.

If only you knew,
how pathetice you truly are.

So you do what you must to get through this life,
and I'll do what I do.
Just know that you're making enemies,
where friends could've been.

I just wrote this one and I don't think it turned out too bad. We've all known posers, I've known multiple throughout my life. And obviously we all knew some in high school, there's plenty to be found there. So it's about those losers we all know/knew who try to make us believe they are something that they aren't. I could point them out every time. Still do. They don't really piss me off, though. I mostly just feel sorry for them that they feel the need to make up stories and make believe they have all these friends when we know they don't.