Recording the awesomeness of V-Day

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Valentine's Day weekend was beyond epic.

We talked, we fucked, we did couply things, we stayed up 'till crazy hours of the morning sharing in each other's thoughts. It was all the things we knew connected us, but it was nice to actually do them.

to Interact.

Hehe, Interac. Anyways.

I signed up for an online fetish/bdsm community that seems legit. Their list of gender options on the profile is extensive (yay!)... as in like about 10 options. Cool! I know that substituting the internet for a life is not useful, and I'm certainly not planning on doing so. But maybe some offline friendships will arise from this, or maybe I'll just end up occasionally reading the advice chatter in all their different groups.

Off to the world of touch, now...



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It's awesome that you had

It's awesome that you had such a meaningful VDay!
Also great that you found a legit online BDSM community, the internet is great like that.

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That's cool, and i'm

That's cool, and i'm actually interested in BDSM stuff, but I'm WAY too young to get into that quite yet... Meheh.

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