Schoolboy Crush: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Schoolboy Crush" is a campy, over-the-top melodrama that doesn't aim for realism but, once you get past that, it's always a fun ride.

The first scene in the movie is a sex scene between a young man and a younger male prostitute. We learn very quickly that the man who hired the boy is a high school teacher at a very exclusive all-boys academy in Japan. And there's a new student arriving in the middle of the semester. You guessed it, the teen prostitute.

The two spar throughout the movie, with the boy wanting the teacher to hire him again, or does he actually have feelings for him? The boy's nerdy roommate wants to be part of his life, but is romantically interested, too? Even other boys at school seem to want him sexually… I guess what you hear about everyone being gay at these private schools is true. Even the bully seems equally attracted to and repulsed by the new boy.

The movie definitely remains entertaining throughout its 90 minutes, and keeps upping the ante every few minutes. During their one night stand, the boy and the teacher exchanged cell phone numbers, only now the student keeps calling the teacher at night in the teacher's dormitory, freaking him out every time the phone rings.

It's safe to say the stakes raise throughout the movie, the "nubile flesh" mentioned on the DVD box exists, and even if this story is unlikely to ever happen, it's certainly fun to watch. Check it out.

"Schoolboy Crush" is out now from TLA releasing. It lists for $19.99.