sexual adventure... or mistake?

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I've been talking to my gf about having a threesome a lot lately. We're both bi. And we have an interesting amount of experience with the opposite gender. I've "dated" a guy or two. But it didn't end up very well. And she's had many boyfriends, and I'm her first gf.

Anyway, she was talking to her co-worker about me. And how everything is new and exciting being with a girl. And he's interested in "joining" as the three of us are all bisexuals. I mean. I like girls way more than I like dudes. But, I still consider that to be bisexual, or at least for me. Myself, my label. And I'm obviously not the other two people. So I wouldn't know how they feel about it.

And so, I'm supposed to meet this guy in a couple of days. I'm not really nervous, I just hope I like him because it seems important to my gf that I like him because they are friends. And he seems like a nice guy, but I don't know, I have some hesitation to this whole thing. Which I think is some sort of indication that I shouldn't do it, but idk. I haven't committed to anything.

I don't know. I think it's better that I'm getting "positive" attention by this guy, by turning him on rather than "negative" attention by getting screamed at and called names. Idk I kind of see them both as negative attention.


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How did you ever find a guy willing to sleep with two girls? :-)

Btw, bisexual doesn't mean you sleep with both at the same time. You can be monogamous and bi, and just sleep with a girl, or a guy, but never do both at the same time. So, you all being bi doesn't mean anything, really. And him being bi means even less when it comes to having sex with two girls.

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you do realize u'r giving this guy like...the biggest straight guy's sex trophy attainable right??

i think if you do it you should do it for yourself...and if i were you i'd be so much more into having a threesome with another girl...i mean you like girls better anyway no?