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I have this feeling...that saturday is gonna kick my ass. my dh ride is finally fixed up and rideable, but i need to get my ass ready for the carnage of riding that the local dh trails usually put out.

it's been months since i've truly ridden the dh bike (not the freeride/ jump rig) and i haven't really been focusing on my riding at all.

the I have a feeling my position on the team depends on my performance this saturday, and i dont want to look the fool in front of our team manager and the new sponsor, a major bike company....but its been soooo damn long since i've even jumped, let alone gone full bore down FREAKIN 2 MILE stretch of downhill, forty foot gaps. big step-ups, slick, loose corners and muddy conditons.

this weekend is gonna be fun. or remind me i am too fat and outta shape and getting too old for this shit. i may be 19, but i have the body of a 50 y/o man. lol. i gotta stop crashing so hard.

good thing i got some new protective gear on the way :)

well see how the weekend goes, but i am not stoked right now in any ways. fixing the bike has cost me a fortune, and i now have to PAY to ride trails i grew up riding on the peninsula for free!

seriously, i know the local trails club guys do great work and all, but dammit, having to PAY to ride trails i built and rode before half of the new 'trail-crew' even lived out there? i kinda think that shit is bs! my buddies and i used to show up w/ pyramid and or a 24 or rainier/pbr, and that was good enough to shuttle those trails for the day

hopefully we at least get some good stuff on film, but like i said, i haven't really been on the bike enough lately to feel confident in my ridng skills. i dunno. lol. we'll see how it goes


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I only understood about a

I only understood about a third of what you just wrote, but good luck. :P


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lol. i figured

that no one would. haha. thanks i need luck in order to not kill myself. haha.

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haha, i got more like

haha, i got more like 4/5ths. :P my best friend talks bikes ALL the goddamn time. lol i think i've picked up a bit just by osmosis.

good luck, dude. try not to kill your bike too make sure ya get pix!!!

let us know how it goes!

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well, i doubt ill get pics., but hopefully some film! lol.

def will do, and bd, ill send you some links to out teams past videos. and the ones to the ones we will film this weekend! god i hope i dont kill myself! lol

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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*Clings to Hell* Don't hurt

*Clings to Hell* Don't hurt yourself, you're a good friend...

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thanks dude...ill try to remember that on the backboard...

in the ambulance on the way to the hospital! lol. i hope i dont kill myself of break myself either! been too many injuries already this season! i am just thankful the snow has sucked so mtb season has gone on all year!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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don't worry....i'll help you find u'r position on the team ;)

good luck with u'r "riding" mr sexypants