So much for that

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my dad's too sick to go, and something tells me that my mom is going to regretfully tell me that camping isn't an option. fuck.

i want to scream, but there's no one to scream at! and to make everything a hundred times worse, i'm stuck at home with my dad.

i'm so mad, but there's nothing to be mad AT. it's not my dad's fault that he's sick, and i can't blame my mom for not wanting to go camping essencially by herself (i'll be gone for two days out off a fourish day trip). but FUCK!!!

i'm crying. that's how upsetting this is. i NEED this trip...and everything was going perfectly until yesterday. that's when 'the fates' decided to conspire against me.

i'm so tired...i was up til four, and it's only eleven...i need sleep, but as soon as i put my head down, i start thinking, and that only makes me more upset.

i need something/one to be mad at...would you like to be my verbal punching bag?



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:/ one time, this girl was

one time, this girl was going to take me sailing.
every weekend she would be busy, but she would keep saying, "i'm sorry, how about next weekend"
I knew she was busy but that she really wanted to go. ..then one day she disappeard. moved. haven't heard from her since. and I never got to go sailing.

your post just reminded me of that.

maybe next time you get a chance to go camping it will be even better.

anyways, feel free to punch anything on me.