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Okay...I'm in the process of coming out at school. I tried to get the ball rolling today. I'm still having a bit of trouble, but a girl who's, politely put, a blabber mouth...well, I told her I'm having trouble spreading the word, so I'm hoping she'll help with that.

And, that same girl (who, happens to be bi by the way), said that she'll start calling me Eli at school. I'm a little nervous, because last time someone tried that, he would stress the "Eli" part of it when saying something to me. I hope she says it normally because it's just my name.

WOAH ...Fuckin amazing fact (sorry for all the cursing...I'm in a good mood)...out of 10 girls who graduated school with me, 4 are either gay or bi. ISNT THAT AWESOME!? I WISH SOCIETY WERE LIKE THAT.


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maybe you should have told

maybe you should have told the girl it was a secret ;D

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Yeah, my experience was that

Yeah, my experience was that secrets traveled faster in school than anything else (except maybe Pink Eye).


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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haha pink on that

haha pink on that one movie.
I haven't ever had it. uhm.
secrets do travel faster though o.O
congratulationsss :)

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i want a pet lesbian

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haha. are you saying im your

haha. are you saying im your pet, adam?

its not a secret. im eli.