So Tired!

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Where to start?

School is so frickin busy.

Kentoris auditions yesterday... that was okay. Just went on for ages. Me and my friends bought a whole roast chicken and ate it at school for dinner because it went on for THAT long. (The chicken was delicious though)


Swimming sports (tiring), volleyball training (extra tiring and mild rashes)... then buying fifty fucking buckets from the warehouse and carrying them home on the bus- that was a fucking workout and a half. Even holding a fucking fork for dinner feels heavy.

Got home at 8. Just had dinner. Haven't even started all that homework and the work I missed out on because of prefect duties. ANOTHER late night.

Then tomorrow is physics scholarship tutorials.

Then the day after I have to lead my school house for half a day for swimming finals.

I think I'm going to curl in a fetal position and die for a few hours.


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damn, man. sounds

damn, man. sounds crazy.

fetal possision sounds good, as does dying. :P let us know how the swim meet goes!

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What is a Kentoris?

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oops, sorry that's just our

oops, sorry

that's just our school's premiere choir... it has a weird name because it merges our school name 'St Kentigern College' in it..