Some Mandatory Counseling with Good Ol' Jenny

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Hey guys, just a little update. Nothing too depressing or exciting, just a little recap for the day.

Today was real hot! Nice sunshine and all, but summer is slowly coming to an end. Then it will be the cold wet winter of Auckland... I like! Because I can get to wear all my nice winter clothes.

Okay, what really was the point of that? I was going to delete that but since I wasted my time I thought I'd waste some of yours too (JUST JOKING... I'm sorry... but not really).

ANYWAYS, I had some 'mandatory counseling' (also known as an interview) with my scholars teacher, Jenny, about a letter the scholars all had to write to her. I enjoyed it. What was learnt and discussed?
- Family situations
- The concept of happiness and being naive (ignorance)
- Family expectations
- Career options: Doctor, Lawyer, Writer, Journalist, Actor or a Dairy Farmer (being in New Zealand with sheep and all...) - OASIS, what do you think?
- Not caring about what others think - knowing what I want
- Finding a balance in life
- Not being so distracting (and distracted) in my classes (HOW DOES SHE KNOW?!)
- Being 'different' (LOL, she used a big extended metaphor of a big rusting box bursting open for being gay - GOOD ONE JENNY)
- Scholarships and compromises I have to make
- My passions (Drama and literature? Despite the fact I'm probably doing medicine?)
- Napolean complex
- Deep and independent thought
- Identity and what defines it
- Being able to stay in touch with my emotions (She hopes I never lose that)

Yup, was quite a good chat with good ol' Jenny. She's so lovely. So wise too!

Now time to do my some study... Chemistry, physics and biology scholarship tutorials start this week. Right now just want to dig myself a hole...


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hehehe, sorry kiwi i can't not to this to you but....when in new zealand you discuss they call is sex education??


so what's up with this stud? ripped him to shreds yet?? oh dear, i do hope you haven't been sitting in u'r room sniffing that shirt he gave you....

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He's straight! Right now, I

He's straight! Right now, I really don't need to indulge myself in any wishful thinking.

Lol, shirt is in the wash. Although I know that doesn't really answer your question.

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That is


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