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Revis- Seven
*Papa Roach-Lifeline
*Sevendust- Live Again
*The Fray- You Found Me
*Rise Against- Re Education
Tantric- Mourning
Since October- Guilty
Fall Out Boy- I Don't Care
*5 Finger Death Punch- Stranger Than Fiction
The White Tie Affair- Candle
*David Cook- Light On
*Cold- Suffocate
Stone Sour- Inhale
Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Kevin Rudolph(I think hehe)- Let it Rock
Britney Spears- Amy
O.A.R- Shattered
Monica(and Christian Kane version too if he's the singer)- What My Heart Says
*Smile Empty Soul- For You(aka the heart that cares for you song)
Finger 11-Paralyzer
*Ra-Broken Hearted Soul
Another Black Day- Wicked Soul
*Dark New Day- Pieces
Killswitch Engage- My Curse
12 Stones- Anthem of the Underdog
*The Moffatts- Written All Over My Heart

Like an hour ago, I went and ran errands w/my Mom,1st we went to PetSmart and got Sam a 'waterfall' thing,got Jason's lizard some crickets, looked at toys and got Rita some treats too. Then we went to look at Miry's, went into Vans to get Eddy some shoes but they didn't have his size( I saw a nice pair in there but decided against it hehe)...then we went into Tilly's and got Eddy some socks,2 shirts and a jacket, I got a nice hat and a nice So Cal jacket/hoodie too(for $34,not bad considering I kinda never buy stuff for myself(I have the same shoes I've had for 2 yrs., only get 1-2 new shirts every 4-5 mos.,my black 'snow' boots are only shoes I bought a year ago,and there's slippers but those are $3), so might get those shoes later cuz all together it'll be like $80 and it'll be a nice treat for me),too bad I can't display the images on here hehe(and oh yeah,blame Klucth for the what the images are hehe). Then we ended our errands after our trip to Target in which my Mom got some household stuff/wrapping paper and I got some chips, breakfast bowl and a drink.

Roses Say You're Very Affectionate

You are a classic romantic who believes in true love.
You often experience deep emotions and feel warmth toward almost everyone.

You are a bundle of positive feelings and sweetness.
You can are easily hurt, and people should be careful with your heart.

What Do The Flowers You Pick Say About You?