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Just spilled my guts like COMPLETELY to a teacher of mine over email.
Was that a stupid thing to do?


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its not stupid. it could be

its not stupid.
it could be good.
if not then, oh well what can you do?
what did you say to her if you wanna share

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hmmm...well, i was freaking

hmmm...well, i was freaking out the other day and went in to talk to her the next school day and got scared to tell her why i was freaking out. so i told her that. and i explained my feelings about being caled eli. as well as some other stuff, but mostly just that.
and thankin her for understanding everything, as she has been one of my greatest allies, though at times it doesnt seem like it because of tough love.
anyways...shes not a particularly compassionate teacher, in that, shes not the tyype of person who'll be your best friend and say sweet things. shes more about the tough love, and "suck it up, you'll be fine" attitude....


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awe, well goodluck with

well goodluck with that.
i hope that it wasnt a mistake for you...

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That's a question better asked before clicking send. Now? Kind of irrelevant.

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I hope it goes well

I hope it goes well too...I'm hoping she emails me back

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Yes and no. Yes, I'm afraid

Yes and no. Yes, I'm afraid it'll sound weird at parts, but I'm kind of glad I didn't ask before I sent it or else I would have probably talked myself out of it.

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BREATHE! And relax. If this

BREATHE! And relax. If this teacher's really as good an ally as you say, it'll be fine, and probably very helpful. Teachers try to help their students, especially the ones they like. You'll be fine. The best thing to do, as it's already sent, is just not stress about it.

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